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Good habits are shaped at home, but sometimes we can all use a nudge in the right direction. That’s where IKEA’s new concept space, located in Szczecin, Poland, comes in. Dubbed Home of Tomorrow, the storefront is all about helping people introduce environmentally friendly solutions into their lives—particularly when it comes to reducing waste. 

The building is divided into several rooms, each of which has a different purpose. Compost bins line the kitchen and dining areas to show that all cooking leftovers (including coffee grounds) can be turned into natural fertilizer for plants. In another greenery-filled area, visitors can discover everything they need to know about urban farming without the use of soil. But to really give people the tools and understanding they need to lessen their footprint on the planet, the store will be hosting a series of workshops. Psst: You don’t have to live in Poland to participate. Many of the courses are based on DIYs you can easily tackle at home with items you already own. Here are three essentials that you can put to better use.


Donating old T-shirts is one way to give your wardrobe a second life. Or, if you can’t seem to let go of anything, turn it into decor. In artist Lidzia Piecak’s workshop, she’ll be weaving fabric remains into rugs and runners using empty frames and stretchers. 

Mason Jars

If you’ve run out of room for houseplants in your tiny apartment, fear not. You can use pots and jars to create your own hanging home herb garden. (Containers with eight-centimeter diameters work best, notes the site.) Just add some gravel, potting mix, and seeds.


Clad a transparent lampshade or paper lantern in cotton upholstery batting, and you’ve got giant, fluffy clouds to hang from the ceiling for an ethereal overhead lighting arrangement. 

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