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We are all constantly on the run, and when the weekend comes around we want to become hermits and catch up on Bravo reruns and sleep. The thought of hosting a brunch to see girlfriends sounds exhausting. Unless you don’t actually have to cook anything! It’s possible, we’ll prove it.

After a quick visit to the market you will be ready to hit the ground running. Fall presents plenty of beautiful weather days, and some of us live in warm climates year-round, so if you are able to host outdoors, do. Perk: No need to do a deep clean indoors.

Here is our outdoor space before brunch prep

Here is after.

The first step to an effortless brunch is having a pretty presentation area for your food. I covered up my outdoor table with my favorite DIY Batik blanket

Then, for an inexpensive floral arrangement, I took three pineapples from Trader Joe’s (2.99 each) and spray painted their leaves.

The bases were untouched and can be cut after the party and eaten!

Tea Station with milk and honey

When setting the table I made sure to have stations where guests could help themselves to make a more effortless experience for the hostess.

Cereal Station

Yogurt Parfait station

I also love setting the table with individual drinks. No reason to have to keep running to the bar to make a drink. Have a signature drink and let that be it!

My go to breakfast item for an effortless brunch is always the Danish pancakes from Trader Joe’s. They are little bites of heaven. You throw them on a baking sheet (seriously) and let them bake for 10 mins. Pop them out and add some powder sugar on top. Then zhush things up a bit by having a side of chocolate or caramel sauce to drizzle.

Pre-packed doughnuts look a lot fancier in a glass dome and they are protected from the elements, whether it be pesky flies or little toddler hands.

The breakfast item that received the most ohh’s and ahh’s was the quickest one to prep. I jetted out to my local fast food drive-thru before guests arrived and picked up some guilty pleasure breakfast classics–and they were very well received. There’s also a slightly silly element to serving fast food at a brunch that felt really fun.

The whole setup took about 15-20 minutes, including time in the kitchen. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the food was devoured, and clean up was a breeze. For your brunch, try the elements here or pick a few favorites based on the tastes of your group. The end result is a brunch where the focus is on time with family and friends, rather than prepping and cleaning. Sometimes the easiest events are the most fun!