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Photography by JASON FULFORD

by Liz Thompson

Shelf styling is definitely a must-have skill right now. But here’s the deal, not all homes and design styles are the same. Thank goodness! Use your unique taste and personality to develop some serious shelf appeal all your own.



black + white

Modern and old world blend in a sleek B/W vignette. Black and white prints, photos, sketches, text, and accoutrements provide perfect contrast.


all that glitters

Going for glam, girly, over-the-top sparkle? Dazzle with hot pinks, gold, and fresh white. A touch of black grounds the scene and keeps it looking grown up.

Photography by ARCHDAILY.COM

white wash

Clean, crisp, and contemporary. An all white shelf suits most any style, is easy to create, and looks timeless. Add a shot of two of color for added interest.

Photography by MYPARADISSI.COM

keep it simple

For a no nonsense feel: grab your favorite books and baubles, choose items in two to three colors, and display on sleek perches. White shelves on a white wall are almost invisible and allow your objects to take center stage.


au naturale

Warm and earthy, yet refined, a shelf set up with natural flair suits almost any home. Wood, greenery, and a few of your favorite pieces (which can be swapped out to suit your mood) create a homey look.

Photography by POPPYTALK.COM

color pop

What’s not to love about shelves alive with color? Group items of a similar hue together to steer clear of chaos. Talk about a conversation piece.


perfect balance

White background, complimentary tones, impeccable juxtaposition. This style is not for the novice decorator but, with a bit of fussing, is well worth the effort.


alabaster array

Pearl, chalk, snow, dove. Whatever you call it, white shines. Gather your white dishes, books, vases, and mementos, and put them on display.

Photography by Emily Johnstone

rustic vibe

Rough hewn shelving begs for vintage pieces, crockery, and natural details. Throw in a more refined item or two for the element of surprise.

Photography by CARTER BERG

something sweet

Pastels are pretty as a picture nestled amongst neutral hues. Think colored glass, milky tones, and delicate hints of color.

Photography by THEJUNGALOW.COM

bohemian flair

Textiles, woven baskets, metals, and lots and lots of color. These create the vibe of any decent boho-esque shelf style. Oh, and don’t forget the plant life for grounding.

Photography by BRIT.CO

add depth

Breathe new life into built-ins with a brilliant background. Paint walls behind shelving a vivid color that complements the palette of your room. Red, green, even black adds character to your scene.