Photography by STEPHANIE RUDY

by Liz Thompson

You know you’ve done it. Discovered that horrifyingly dirty space in the kitchen that you didn’t even know existed. Great news! We have more of them for you. Find out where grime may be hiding and how to get rid of it–fast.

Photography by LONNY

ledge of oven drawer

We all know the stove top needs a regular cleaning. You are probably even giving the oven door a good swipe. Most people, however, forget all about the ledge of the drawer underneath. Don’t forget to open that baby up and wipe it off, too.


Photography by JOSHUA W MCHUGH

rim of dishwasher door

The dishwasher does what we don’t want to. Wash and dry dishes. But the rim around the edge of this VIA (very important appliance) catches many a drip in the process of loading. A quick swipe around the edge keeps the door from getting sticky and gross.


cabinet toe kick

There are some areas of the home that are only noticeable when sitting. Say, at dinner with guests. Not an ideal time to notice a dirty toe kick. When cleaning your kitchen floor, don’t forget to scrub that obscured area under lower cabinets.

Photography by HEATHER BULLARD

under the crisper drawer

This area is well concealed for a reason. Try not to be too shocked by the amount of unwanted bits you find upon removing the crisper drawer in your refrigerator. A good scrubbing with warm water and baking soda (remember not to use scented cleaner in your refrigerator) makes for a fresher fridge.

Photography by CHERISHED BLISS

ceiling of microwave

Unless you are of petite height or have a high mount microwave, you likely forget to clean this incognito zone. Covering food with a paper towel while cooking helps to ward off unsightly splatters. And don’t forget to wipe it down after use.



stove hood

This is one of those things only tall people notice, like the top of refrigerators and light fixtures. That doesn’t mean it should never get a good cleaning. Dust stove hood off weekly and shine if necessary.

Photography by THE HOUSE OF SMITHS

window over sink

It may be in plain sight, but have you noticed how splatters on the window over the kitchen sink only show up in the sunshine? When shining up your kitchen appliances, hit the window with a spray of glass cleaner, too.

Photography by DRIVEN BY DECOR

ceiling fixture

Those flushmount ceiling fixtures may be out of the line of vision, but they still need to be on your cleaning rotation. Schedule a couple of times each year to pull down and wash out. Now you can shine on, bug and dust free.


garbage disposal

It’s usually the smell that gives this one away. Totally hidden from view, the garbage disposal needs regular freshening. The best way to get your disposal clean is by pouring in half a cup of baking soda, followed by one cup of white vinegar. Let this mixture bubble for a minute or two, then add ice and cold water while running the disposal. If the rubber ring over your disposal pops out, scour with soapy water and replace.


Photography by THE SNUG

sink drain

The kitchen sink drain can become gunked up and stale. As with garbage disposals, pour half a cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar into drain. Now flush with boiling water. Your sink is as clean inside as out.

Photography by MACARENAGEA

behind the refrigerator

We all know there is stuff collecting behind our fridge. But this not so fun task usually gets relegated to the bottom of our to do list. Did you know refrigerators run more efficiently if the coils are kept clean? All you have to do is wiggle the appliance away from the wall, and gently vacuum coils and floor with a brush attachment. Not so tough and no more dust bunnies.

Photography by DOMINO

spout of coffee maker

You may be cleaning the inside of your coffee maker, which is important too. But that little spout where coffee drips out on your coffee maker, espresso machine, or Keurig gathers grounds and sludge. Wipe with a wet paper towel so none of that nasty stuff ends up in your cup.