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Punch is the most social of all drinks, and it is a tradition to share this tasty beverage during a time of celebration. Here are 13 festive punch recipes that you can practice now,  and by holiday season you’ll be a hosting pro.

crimson bulleit punch

Treat your guests this holiday season to a festive and warm ruby colored champagne punch mixed with spice from ginger liqueur. Fill the punch in a dazzling ice ring that’s frozen with lime slices, fresh cranberries, or pomegranate arils. (You can diy an ice ring with a bundt pan!)

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overnight cider rye punch

Enjoy the fall weather with a cup of hot cider punch. Add a pinch of cinnamon for a festive touch.

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holiday rum punch

With a total of five ingredients including: rum, black tea, lime juice, Demerara sugar, and spices, this is very simple to make, but it’s your choice to add in additional flavor (sugar or citrus) to amp up a traditional rum punch.   Get the recipe.

frozen cookie milk punch

Channel a traditional New Orleans brunch punch and make this frozen milk punch that makes the perfect combination of the classic cocktail and a cookie-filled milkshake.

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hibiscus french 75 punch

A French 75 cocktail never disappoints at a party, add some hibiscus tea to make for a tangy, bubbly, fresh holiday punch.

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hibiscus margarita punch

Ring in the New Year with a simple and festive punch filled with hibiscus tea, lime juice and tequila and add sugar and cinnamon to make for a sweet and adorable rim.

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pineapple new years holiday punch

A pineapple is known as the symbol of hospitality and luxury, so why not add it to a sparkling cocktail punch this holiday season.   Get the recipe.

holiday milk punch

Update a traditional holiday drink by mixing brandy, rum, sugar, and milk. Sprinkle nutmeg on top for a sugary addition to this festive punch.

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hot licorice punch

Get cozy by the fire with this warm licorice punch mixed with citrus fruits and maple syrup that makes it tangy yet sweet.

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Refine a Bratapfelpunsch with a splash of whiskey and use cinnamon sticks as straws to add some warm spice to the punch’s fruity taste.   Get the recipe.

sparkling cranberry orange champagne punch

If you’re looking for something fizzy and festive, combine a champagne/sparkling wine with cranberry juice and garnish with orange slices for a flavorful taste that will keep the party going well after 2016 arrives!   Get the recipe.

peppermint eggnogg punch

This is the perfect holiday drink to make for your next party and bring this delicious punch together in only three ingredients: peppermint ice cream, eggnog, and ginger ale.    Get the recipe.

holiday punch

Combine frozen orange juice and lemonade and add your choice of Sprite, Ginger Ale, or 7 Up to make a punch that is family-friendly.

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