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When it comes to holiday parties, there’s never a shortage of seasonal staples in their most classic forms. So we rounded up a few mouthwatering combos (in their tiniest forms!) to inspire your next fete. Take a look!

mini beef and pork sliders and a ginger shandy It doesn’t get any better than bite-sized burgers paired with a side of chilled brew. Try a refreshing ginger shandy for a slightly more elevated take. Going with a simple ale? Food Republic suggests a lightly hopped pale ale to offset the burger’s richness. Get the scoop here

bacon wrapped datesand pinkies out Stuff dates with a blend of herbs and cheese, and pop them into the oven for a crispy finish. Serve with a ginger and apple juice cocktail.

Mini tacos at cocktail hour is about as perfect as it gets. Indulge in these teeny, soft taco combos with a side of an appropriately garnished glass of margarita.
cheese and spinach smashed potatoes and bourbon thyme cocktail Serve up these loaded tots with a sultry mix of bourbon and thyme.
Pair this elevated take on a classic concept with a minty and fresh citrus combo.
Serve up these sugar-covered goodies with a boozy chocolate cocktail.

glazed apple fritters and sugar n’ spice white russian Crispy apples, sweet cinnamon, and an indulgent white russian were made for one another.

fruit toasties and rosemary and cranberry spritzer Top mini pieces of toast with seasonal fruits and fresh herbs. Complement the bites with a refreshing, herb cocktail.

bite-sized pie (pecan)and honey bourbon apple cider Top these bite-sized goodies (packed with all the best flavors of the season!) with a dollop of whipped cream and a side of hard cider.

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