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Inviting people into your space is a sacred experience. Our homes are a direct reflection of who we are, and how we choose to entertain within them says a lot, not just about how we live, but how we like to interact with others. Communal areas, for example, lend themselves to larger gatherings and lots of mingling, while a separate dining room offers added intimacy. But it’s not just the layout that dictates our hosting style—it’s what we fill it with.

Since there’s no buzzkill like bare walls, The Happy Planner’s new Happy Home line of peel-and-stick wallpaper is a quick way to make your space entertaining-ready. Each piece is simple to install and as easy to clean as it is to apply, and it can be repositioned with no sticky residue. All nontoxic, the brand offers an assortment of minimalist prints, vibrant designs, and floral patterns that can liven up any wall, nook, shelf, or room.

Here, see how three Domino editors use Happy Home wallpaper, available at TheHappyPlanner.com, to make their homes ready for hosting (and lots of photos) this holiday season.

Megan West, Head of Brand Innovation and Creative Studio

The setup: A nontraditional table for intimate gatherings.
How I host: I love to create a laid-back, loungy vibe with food and beverages that guests can serve themselves.
My home style: My living room and dining area are connected, so that is really the main zone for entertaining. That keeps the bedroom open for phone calls and a place to hang coats, and the kitchen for prep only.
Wallpaper of choice: The Leah Plaid. I love a maximalist style inspired by the print clashing you would see in street style. 
Entertaining essentials: Key elements for me are fresh flowers of varying heights (but low enough so you can see others across the table), cloth napkins, and great music. I always try to incorporate some unexpected festive items on my tabletop, like crystals, noisemakers, or strange fruit to catch the eye and start conversation. 
Make it personal: I can sometimes have analysis paralysis when it comes to decor commitments. I love that peel-and-stick wallpaper is something you can commit to for however long you’re feeling connected to the pattern or print.

Brit Ashcraft, Design Director

The setup: A warm and festive New Year’s bar that isn’t too theme-y.
How I host: I want everyone to have a good time (myself included!). The space should feel a little whimsical and romanticized. 
My home style: I live in a Victorian house where the dining room is really the heart of the home. With a bay window, fireplace, and high wainscoting, I knew right away I wanted it to feel like an old-world parlor where you could spend evenings talking over cocktails.
Wallpaper of choice: The Alisa Floral. I never shy away from a dark statement moment, and the print adds some softness. 
Entertaining essentials: A few small lamps and candles to keep the lighting ambient and soft, something to play music on, stacks of mismatched glassware and small plates, and winter fruits and nuts to snack on throughout the evening. It creates a beautiful still life that only gets more charming as the night goes on.
Make it personal: Even though I like a bold statement in my house, I also like to change my mind—often! Our house was covered in years of wallpaper when we moved in, and removing it from the plaster walls was a nightmare. The Happy Planner’s pieces are an affordable way to have fun with different looks—without the commitment (and labor) of traditional wallpaper.

Naomi deManana, Style Director

The setup: A candlelit entryway that draws you into the party.
How I host: I like my parties to be casual, but with a few surprises.
My home style: My home has an open living and dining area that’s great for gatherings.
Wallpaper of choice: The Rendon Ticking. Stripes will never go out of style, and the ticking design is a nice, subtle version of the print.
Entertaining essentials: All a space needs to be fit for entertaining is a little love. I stick to a nice grazing board, champagne, candles, fresh flowers or branches, and good music. I also supply simple crafts or fun games for kids.
Make it personal: The Happy Planner’s unique designs are a great way to express yourself and change up even the smallest of spaces. The wallpaper is also easy to remove, so it’s perfect for people who have a hard time committing.