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By some counts, we spend more than 4,000 hours of our life in the shower. That’s a lot of hours—so you should make them as enjoyable as possible. Good bathroom design is key, and GROHE is at the forefront of the latest technology in taking your bathroom experience to the next level. For nearly a century, they’ve been designing innovative products that transcend the standard fixture, and their latest product is no exception.

GrohTherm SmartControl is the home tech you didn’t know you needed in your bathroom… but it absolutely should be at the center of your next renovation. Here are five reasons why.

1. You’ll have the perfect temperature, every time.

By using GROHE exclusive thermostat technology, the GrohTherm SmartControl makes sure that temperature changes can be detected within a fraction of a second—therefore delivering the temperature you want every time, for safety and convenience (the GrohTherm SmartControl automatically shuts off if the cold water pump isn’t working… aka, no scalding skin. Your safety is always of the utmost concern). The temperature and pressure stay consistent, too, meaning no more time, water, and energy wasted getting the temperature right.

2. You’ll save water and energy.

You know how you stand outside the shower, waiting to get the temperature right? Have you ever considered how much water and energy you waste when this happens? When you can choose your temperature immediately, you save all that time… and help the environment in the process. Plus, the GrohTherm SmartControl system uses GROHE’s EcoJoy technology, which allows you to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent without compromising pressure or flow. It’s a win-win.

3. The design seamlessly works with a variety of aesthetics.

We understand that the hard part of choosing a fixture for your bathroom is that great technology doesn’t necessarily mean a stylish option… which is something the GROHE GrohTherm SmartControl aims (and succeeds!) in fixing. The sleek, narrow profile boasts a contemporary look, and comes in two shapes (square or round) and three finishes (classic chrome, brushed nickel, and moon white). Mix and match as you please, so that it fits your home perfectly.

4. It’s very intuitive and simple to operate.

One trim does it all: It controls up to three shower outlets, so you no longer need to clutter your shower walls with multiple valves and trims to operate and control your shower. You can turn on or off the water with the push of a single button and control the volume for each individual shower outlet by simply by rotating the knob. It offers the flexibility of a custom shower system built into one valve.

5. It’s an investment that will last a lifetime.

Don’t want to shell out a pretty penny for fear of messing up your fancy technology? Not to worry: GROHE products come with a lifetime warranty, and since this system is in one simple unit, it will save on labor and installation costs.