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by Michelle Gage

With summer festivities around the corner, you’re going to need a few go-to gifts. Between graduations, weddings, and housewarmings, one can simply not keep up! Whether you are in the market for a congratulatory or thank you gift, we’ve got you covered – in the quirkiest way possible! Let these cheeky sayings do the speaking for you.

Is there anything cuter than a little raccoon waking from his slumber to raid the liquor cabinet? While this may be a sight you’ll only see on a napkin, the laughs rolls in every time to give it a glance.

Claim it.

Sometimes there’s comfort in honesty.

Tell them how you really feel! After scoring that second promotion, tell your work wife just how you feel about her. Skip the flowers and go for quirky chocolate!

Pass this to the pal at the end of your bar who may have had too much. They will be sure to thank you in the morning.

Ah, the irony.

It could just as effectively say “leave gifts and treats here…”.

As if you didn’t already know, this friendly bottle opener is happy to tell you just what to do, with an arrogant arrow and everything!

Give your guests a reason to come inside. Chances are this doormat is telling a little white lie, but we are inclined to believe it.

While we might not know who that stunning, rich leather bag belongs to, it’s not yours! Keep your paws off of it when it comes through baggage claim.

Surely we don’t mean to brag. It’s just that we’ve never seen such a showstopper of a doormat before.

Place these cocktail napkins in your bar cart. Let all of your guests know they can have as much as they’d like; it’s on the house.

What a funny way to poke fun at art of the past!

Every group has that one friend who you know is just doing to fall down on his best man duties. Let him know it’s okay, with a little humor. He’ll appreciate the flask’s leather cover and you’ll get a good laugh watching him take a sip from it.

As if there were anywhere else to go…

Skip the “beware of dog” sign and send strangers over to the neighbors instead. Burglars beware.

This chubby bear may look friendly, but get a few drinks in him and he gets down right hangry!

For the homeowner who has everything, even a love of cheeky sayings and swinging monkeys.

Leave a little reminder at the door for your loved ones every day. Let them know just how happy you are to have them home.

We love the idea of this clever set as a housewarming gift, or a cute token to bring to a cocktail party for the hostess.

Just when you thought you weren’t sarcastic enough, this doormat found its way to you. Prove that you’re still the sassiest one on the block with this humorous doormat.

Subtly remind your guests to keep their cups off of the coffee table! Slide a smart aleck coaster their way when they need a second hint.

Can you imagine a more perfect bar napkin? For that one friend who can never seem to hold it together at a party, this is a great gift to give.

Hey, we’re not ones to judge. If your house is in a disastrous state, may we suggest this easy fix? Sure, you could get out the mop and broom and get to cleaning – or you could use that time to roll out this clever welcome mat. The choice is not hard!

We are all for using what your mama gave you! In this case, our elephant friend is showing off how handy it is to have a trunk.

This cuteness though…

Double the trouble, double the fun.

Play a little trick on unsuspecting strangers. What other home? Oh, you know, that mansion in the Hamptons!

Gift your new neighbor (or yourself) this adorable cocktail shaker.

For that rhino loving wino in your life…

Get everyone in on the joke with these funny coasters. Don’t feel bad about encouraging their usage!

This funny cocktail shaker has you seeing double.

Break out the best embroidered napkins when you are feeling particularly in the mood for a beverage.

This hilarious set of cocktail napkins will keep the crowd laughing.