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When House of Jade interiors mentioned they had a farmhouse to show us, we thought we knew what to expect. We didn’t. Here, the design team shows off a recent project that completely warmed and beautified the decor of an entire farmhouse in just a few short months. Read on, and discover how many new design goals this stunning space can inspire.

How did this project present itself to you? 

Our client approached us with a pretty tight deadline.  We are excited about the challenge of designing an entire house within a few months so we gladly accepted!

Did the clients have a vision for this space or did they leave it all up to you?

Our client knew exactly where she wanted to go with the space style-wise. She was very involved in every decision. Like many people, she just didn’t know how to get the look she was wanting at the end. That is where we were able to come in and make her vision a reality. After giving us the vision, she handed the project over to us to come up with the design for each space.

Where did you find your inspiration for this design?

Our client wanted a farmhouse feel, which was something we loved and were able to jump right onboard with. Our style is transitional and we incorporate a lot of neutrals and then infuse with color. This was simply a twist on our previous designs. We did a lot of scouring the web, Pinterest and other designers for inspiration. There is so much out there!

We are lucky to have a creative team where we can meet together and bounce ideas off of each other to really nail down the design of each space.

Overall this is a very large space. How did you tackle such a substantial project?

Taking on an entire house can seem daunting if you have never done it before. We like to break things down to make it more manageable. We separated out each space and worked room by room. We started with concept of the main rooms and then gradually made our way to the smaller and more private rooms, like the kid’s bedrooms.

On this project specifically, our client was very involved in each step of the process. We would present our ideas and then would tweak them after receiving her feedback and input.

Another thing we do is to make a timeline. We were on a tight schedule because it was going to be showcased in a Parade of Homes. We knew when items had to be ordered or bought by in order to make everything arrive by the install date. People doing their own homes may have more flexibility, but by scheduling everything out on a timeline will help make sure the project gets done.

Can you describe this aesthetic in three words? 

Classic, Modern, and Comfortable.

Are there any pieces you used in the home you wish you could keep?

We love the living room bench! It is so hard to pick one, but if we had to choose a piece it would probably be the vintage runner on the kitchen floor. It was sort of a last-minute find that was meant to be. Not to mention we got it at an amazing price point. If it weren’t one of a kind I would already have purchased it for my own home.

The kitchen looks like a movie set. Can you please indulge us with tales of the bells & whistles used in this kitchen? 

We could spend hours in this kitchen, as I’m sure our client does with her large family. It is the perfect space for entertaining but also for kids to sit and talk while mom is cooking dinner. Our client wanted a large space that was both beautiful and practical.

We went with a quartz countertop that had the look of marble, but didn’t require so much upkeep and would hold up to their family. There is also ample storage space and a good balance between

open shelving

and closed cupboards to hide clutter that can come along with kitchen essentials.

One of our favorite elements of this room is the black drum pendant lights. It really adds the wow factor that we were going for. It is modern and updated, yet sophisticated.

The one must-have for our client in her Kitchen was the white brick stove.  We designed the kitchen around this timeless touch adding in natural wood exposed shelving, brass pulls and knobs and neutral accessories that evoke the feel of a true classic farmhouse.

Are there design elements you find yourself using over and over again, sort of a signature style?

At House of Jade we are constantly striving to stay on top of trends and get inspired by beautiful products and decor. We tend to mix beautiful patterns and color with a lot of white and clean lines.

What is one design element you used in this space that readers MUST try at home?

We are loving wallpaper on the ceiling right now! In the girl’s room it is a whimsical way to mix up a favorite design trend.  We felt it particularly appropriate with the playful Hygee and West bird pattern.

Are there any favorite memories of the project you’d like to share?

I think the best memories when putting together a space are always in the final hours.  We were there morning and night making sure every last detail was thought of and every room was put together.  We made friends with the builders, the cleaners, the landscapers and by the end we could all take pride in our collaborative efforts.  The best part of a project like this is always seeing it come together!

What are the clients most pleased with?

Our client had a particular look she was going for which was a little traditional, a little modern, a lot neutral and a little bit colorful.  We brought to life everything she was hoping for her home.  We also tried to use as much of her existing furniture and accessories as we could to save money and also incorporate the pieces she had treasured for years.  At the end of the project they couldn’t stop expressing how much they loved the space.  A happy client is always our ultimate goal!