12 christmas light situations clark griswold would love

looks great! little full, lotta sap.

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@adampaiva When Santa invites ALL this friends to the party.

@thevioletblonde Ensuring they’ll NEVER get lost on the way home.

@monikapak We wish that a) this was a real house we could live in and b) that it was on the market.

@gemma_2408 We wanna party with these guys…

@josielauren.ww We love the fairy dust effect of little lights tossed everywhere.

@backpackingbrunette These people turned their house into gingerbread and we love it.

@geoffthatcher Next-level.

@jgr1964 It kinda looks trimmed in real candy. Mmmm.

@mrjubba09 Is this the airport Clark?

@lenapapps When lights aren’t enough, decorate your exterior with a TON OF TREES.

@mashany Can we just appreciate how long it must have taken to set this up??

@ts.vivi69 A little Christmas, a little disco.

And because this is never not funny…..Merry Christmas!