Editor’s Picks: Trendy Transformations Every Small Living Room Deserves

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On the seemingly never-ending list of challenges that come with living in a small space, indulging what limited square footage you have with a personalized detail tends to come in on top. More often than not, city-dwellers are the ones who find themselves at such crossroads, faced with the dilemma of having to sacrifice style for practicality. Team Domino are among said group of people who are constantly in search of new ways to reinvent our tiny living spaces. 

While we don’t suggest forgoing practicality for style, there are a handful of ways to elevate your space without compromising on precious square footage. Mindful swaps coupled with a few decorative tricks of the trade can help transform even the most cramped quarters into style-focused spaces.

Ahead, we went in search of the best decor to emulate three leading interior design trends: sculptural minimalism, 70’s-inspired maximalism, and modern farmhouse. Sourcing from Ethan Allen’s newest looks, these hand-picked pieces can be seamlessly integrated into any home, regardless of style or square footage.

Consider this a foolproof guide to revamping your small space.

Sculptural Minimalism

Bold in composition and bigger in scale, this sculptural interpretation Scandinavian decor promises a refreshing take on living minimally. Small-space dwellers, don’t fret. This isn’t about embracing larger-than-life statement pieces but about the subtle integration of a few key items. Consider a sculptural piece that can stand alone as a decorative accent or opt for a marble bowl, which can function as a catch-all for found objects, matches, and various other trinkets. A graphic rug bearing an intricate print will also emulate the core features of the trend. 

A hint of pattern to offset the smooth and sleek qualities of the surrounding pieces.
A structurally sound side table with a major dose of personality will complete the scene.
A structurally-defined coffee table that makes a statement in its own right.
Leave this one as is or fill it with an array of fresh fruit for a pop of color.
Functional is always great but we do have a soft spot for pieces that can manage to stand alone.

‘70s-Inspired Maximalism

The ‘70s was an era built on punchy colors, mixed pattern, and layered textures that evoked the high-contrast nature of the decade. While we’re all for the present-day resurgence of this trend, we recognize the less-than-timeless qualities of this aesthetic.

There’s no need to completely overhaul your living room here—a handful of simple swaps will still allow you to emulate the look in an impactful manner. Texture is key when decorating ‘70s style and patterns come in as a natural second. Begin with a subtly patterned landing pad to establish a grounding element in your living room and build on top with a diverse array of decorative accessories that complement the rug in color and form.

Take visual height into consideration when selecting these pieces. Although they will essentially be dispersed throughout the room, the diversity will result in a more visually defined finish. Opt for colorful wall art, then channel the hues found within via coffee table accents and vases. 

Tie the look together with a piece that emulates the surround with contrast in mind—we’ve got our eyes on this mother of pearl accent table—to result in a visually cohesive finish brimming with color and pattern.

Fill this piece with an eclectic assortment of greens or dried florals in punchy hues.
We’re loving this deep green shallow bowl for its versatile nature and composition. 
This plush landing pad will bring on a bold dose of personality.
A colorful print that emulates the preset palette of the retro aesthetic.
A kaleidoscopic of pattern to help tie the scheme together.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse has been taking the design world by storm and it’s easy to see why. Its artful integration of sleek contemporary elements with bucolic details is one prime reason; the fact that it can be channeled across a wide variety of decorative styles is another.

When it comes to embracing this look, less is definitely more. In lieu of filling your space with an array of country cool-meets-industrial accessories, opt for a pared-down list of items.

Linen leads the charge here—its unique textural qualities and imperfect composition earmark it as a versatile material. Next, add pieces with a structurally-charged form—concrete comes top of mind and this table lamp definitely fits the bill.

Despite the neutral palette, an array of textures and sleek materials provide more than their fair share of interest to the overall scheme. Feeling bold? Consider a detailed wall piece to evoke a fresh burst of color amidst the otherwise whitewashed space.

Bring on the texture with this bold yet streamlined piece.
A structurally bold mainstay that marries form and function.
Bring this in for a warm hit of color to balance out the surrounding neutrals.
A retro-esque build with a contemporary detail to boot.
A multi-medium accent to give your blank walls a hint of texture.

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