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“While summer is coming to a close, I’m still eyeing this pair of sunglasses. The clean design and gold frame will go nicely with my turtlenecks, which means I can wear these all year round.” – Rachel Besser, Market Editor
“I just got back from Bali this week, and I’m missing it so much already. I’m still so struck by The Four Seasons Sayan resort I stayed in, the design is so thoughtful and other worldly. And the locale is smack in the center of the jungle, it’s so peaceful, spiritual and zen. (And, yep, the Obamas just stayed there this June.)” – Kristin Limoges, Associate Lifestyle Editor
“Currently obsessed with Arcade Fire’s Everything NowIt’s the electro-pop dance anthem album of my dreams. It’s an album that’s meant to be bought, cherished, and played on repeat. Also, I’m loving that Arcade Fire hilariously reviewed their own album and their wit truly does shine through everything they touch, lyrics and metareviews alike”.  – Ariana Milligan, Digital Marketing Coordinator
“Everything about The Williamsburg Hotel is gorgeous, from the turquoise-tiled bathrooms to the avocado toast which is a literal work of art. Anyone traveling to NYC should definitely check it out (or if you’re a local, stop by the bar for a cocktail).” – Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

“I have always had just a regular rug in my kitchen, but real talk: I spill way more than an adult should, and rugs are impossible to keep clean. I want to buy one of these faux tile vinyl mats to hide my ugly rental kitchen floor, and have an easy-to-clean surface. I just need to decide which color…” – Jessica Dailey, Digital Director

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