Published on May 22, 2015

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Photography by Marissa Cox via Rue Rodier

3 things you always have on your desk?


a bottle of water
I'm not good at drinking water, but if it's within reach it helps me remember!


a nice notepad
I'm a prolific list writer and it helps me get things done. I get a sense of achievement just by ticking things off.


flowers or a candle Sometimes both. I like to create a cosy, but clean and minimal environment that inspires me!

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Photography by Carin Olsson via Rue Rodier

From the desk of Marissa Cox of Rue Rodier

Meet Marissa Cox, writer, photographer, and Founder of Rue Rodier, a lifestyle blog where she documents her seriously envy-worthy adventures in Paris. We can't help but follow along as she whisks us through the charming streets and awe-inspiring nooks and crannies of the city – even if it's strictly virtual. We caught a glimpse inside her chic Parisian flat, where a lack of space is effortlessly overshadowed by the stunning views. Take a look.

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Photography by Marissa Cox via Rue Rodier

What’s your favorite thing about your desk space?

Living in a Parisian flat, space comes at a premium. Since there's never quite enough room in our apartment for a desk, our extra large dining table doubles as my workspace. Not only is it the perfect size to work off, it sits opposite our floor-to-ceiling windows, so I have a stunning view of Paris' rooftops.