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We’ve all been there before. You find a rug you absolutely love, but aren’t completely sure of where it would go. Perhaps the bedroom or the living room – but what happens when it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the decor? Not to worry! Here, we explore just a few of our favorite rug styles and shapes, with helpful tips for incorporating them seamlessly into your space. Take a look!



This just may be the quintessential material of summer. We love it for its versatility and subtle textural qualities that make up for its lack in color – one which often allows it to work easily within a variety of decorative styles.


As we make our way into the warmer season, the transition between indoor and outdoor living becomes more seamless. Finding a floor piece that can function between the two is essential, especially when it comes to the spaces with the most amount of foot traffic. When choosing a specific make or material, weatherproof is a priority, as is a stain-free composition. 


Solid-colored rugs may not be the most exciting, but don’t underestimate the effect one can have on a space. When chosen carefully, a solid rug can unite an eclectic decor scheme, or provide a colorful moment in a monochromatic space. 


Potted greenery aside, bringing the outdoors in hardly gets any easier than with a botanically-inspired floor piece. Whether you are going for the abundantly decked variety, or something on the more subtle side, these colorful pieces will bring a lighthearted touch to just about any space. 


Stripes are known for their ability to visually expand the look of a space. Throw down a vertically-striped runner in a tiny kitchen, and the space is instantly elongated! Regardless of size, shape, or form, a striped rug is a classically timeless element that is functional as well.


Modern, clean, and often decked with a complementary slew of colors. When it comes to rugs, the geometrically-patterned variety is hard to beat. These show-stopping pieces are best when paired with a more understated aesthetic or design scheme. Plus, they make for seriously chic wall-hangings as well!


Consider overdyed rugs as a more subtle way to bring in a pop of color to a space. Traditionally, the overdyed technique involves bleaching and dyeing a carpet, often in a rich or saturated tone, to establish an effect where the underlying pattern shines through to the top layer.


If you ask us, a room sans texture is not a complete one. A shag rug not only brings in a wealth of texture, but also instills a sense of warmth within a space. Whether you’re opting for something colorful or an exclusively monochrome one, a shag piece has the ability to instantly redefine the decor of a room. 


Hides help extend a natural detail to a space and are best for layering. Balance out an exclusively contemporary decor scheme with a cozy sheepskin to instill a more comfortable element. Prefer a hide? Lay one atop an oversized jute rug in the living room, for a dynamic finish. 


For the decorator in favor of a globally-inspired aesthetic, Moroccan rugs simply go without saying. Handwoven, hand-knotted, and often one-of-a-kind, think of them as an effortlessly chic way of bringing in a more dynamic characteristic to a design. 


Less statement piece and more functional – a rug that comes in a neutral palette is great for instilling a balanced element to the design of a room. It lays the groundwork (quite literally) for decor schemes that can range from the more eclectic to the entirely monochrome.