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If there is one thing we can all collectively agree on, it’s the idea that building a custom kitchen is about as dream-worthy as it gets. From the bigger-picture elements, such as curating the palette and selecting a backsplash to match, to the smaller details like—picking out pulls and various decorative accents—no design characteristic will go unnoticed.

All things considered, settling on the decorative direction of the kitchen can arguably be the most grueling part. A close second? Finding appliances that won’t completely clash with the aesthetic you’ve so painstakingly sought to establish.

We’re loving the new Matte Collection from Café—a refreshing line of customizable appliances that challenge all preconceived notions of what a personalized kitchen can (and should) look like. Enter the opportunity to mix and match various decorative elements—think pulls, cabinets, paint—all the while establishing a complementary and visually cohesive finish, which boils down to the appliances themselves.

Ahead, we look to three design trends we can’t get enough of, and the style-focused combinations sourced from Café’s fresh crop of offerings to complement each one.

Modern Farmhouse

Sure, the whole modern farmhouse aesthetic may bring to mind a neutrally-charged palette fueled with off-whites, grays, and beiges, but we’re here to challenge that altogether. In lieu of the traditional tonal scheme, take a slightly more off-beat approach.

A Matte White base and Brushed Bronze hardware are the fundamental elements that will help you achieve this coveted look. Microwaves and dishwashers of a similar scope go without saying. But instead of continuing on with the beige-centric color play, adopt one with slightly more staying power. Dark cabinetry will promote a stunning sense of contrast that will have the fundamental elements of the room vying for the center of attention.

To complete the scene, layer in wall art—casually stacked atop a floating shelf—and intersperse the vignette with a curated selection of vintage pieces. Antiquated finishes are of preference here, falling directly in line with the bronze detailing of the bold appliances. Last, but not least, bring in a posy of fresh florals to inspire a hint of earthy elegance.

Classic Scandinavian Cool

A streamlined approach is paramount when it comes to Scandinavian-inspired interiors—as is the seamless integration of all decorative and functional pieces alike. Consider a refrigerator with a Matte Black finish to double as the room’s grounding force. Bring in the Brushed Black hardware to provide a daring layer atop the already stunning base. It’s a twist on tradition we welcome with open arms, eager for the revitalized and edgy finish it will bring about.

As it pertains to the surrounding hues of the kitchen and its furnishings, embrace a high-contrast palette that challenges the classic. Matte Black or deep sage-green cabinetry will evoke a timeless element that still manages to feel fresh and distinct.

An equally streamlined cooktop, with built-in touch controls, further contributes to the contemporary qualities of the Scandi-chic aesthetic that promotes living minimally with a major dose of style. We’re loving this sleek hood, which feels anything but ordinary, instilling an innovative twist on an often-overlooked kitchen staple.

Contemporary Luxe

This trend is all about taking a whitewashed approach to the design, with a handful of lustrous accents that will lend an element of contrast to the overall décor. Delicate details, such as a marble backsplash and matching counters, evoke a sense of elegance with an effortlessly cool finish.

To offset the sterility that can commonly arise from a white space, bring in hardware of a warm complexion. Café’s selection of Brushed Copper knobs and detailing will contribute a subtly saturated quality to the appliances, sans risking an overbearing or overly lustrous feel.

Allow the customized hardware to inform the palette of the remaining decorative elements of the kitchen—cabinet pulls, included! Implement an added layer of visual depth by opting for a backsplash with a slightly textured finish. Ceramic tiles come to mind, and a lightly patterned one at that. Bonus points for those that come with a warm pop of color.

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