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by Bailey Swilley

asian quinoa meatballs

Yes, you can mix healthy grains with healthy meat. Balance!

15-minute quinoa and korean beef bowl

This quick recipe is a great intro to both quinoa and Korean cooking.

easy asian quinoa slaw

Need some serious crunch? Pack this up for colorful mid-day noshing.

spicy kale and quinoa black salad

This is a great Monday lunch, after a weekend of indulging. (You know exactly what we’re talking about.)

vanilla almond overnight quinoa

Put this delicious breakfast together before bed for a nutritious start to your morning.

garlic butter shrimp and quinoa

Quinoa meets gumbo with this rich dish.

6-ingredient no-bake quinoa peanut butter crunch cups

You’ll never ransack the candy aisle again after you master these babies.

quinoa fruit salad with honey lime dressing

This gorgeous salad is great for entertaining for healthiest house guests.

toasted coconut quinoa breakfast cookies

Best way to start the day? Cookies for breakfast!

vegetarian dirty thai fried quinoa

Fried rice meets Thai curry meets quinoa in this “dirty” number.

quinoa crusted onion rings with spicy dipping sauce

These are definitely making an appearance at our next game day party.

quinoa krispie treats

Has quinoa ever looked so perky and festive?

quinoatmeal with roasted blood oranges

Another great breakfast, perfect for a cozy Sunday inside.

caprese quinoa bake

Strapped for after-work dinner ideas? Just make sure you’re stocked up on lots of tomatoes and you’ve got a winner!

quinoa stuffed peppers

Stuffing veggies should be our new go-to. It’s easier than it looks and filling too! These make a perfect hump day dinner.

honey-roasted carrot and quinoa salad

Mozzarella and carrots? This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

cinnamon quinoa pudding

Dive into this for dessert or as a sweet (and filling) breakfast!

the ultimate veggie burger

Ever wanted to eat a purple burger? Now’s your chance!

slow cooker coconut quinoa curry

This incorporates all our favorite C-words: curry, coconut, and (slow) cookers!

quinoa spring rolls with cashew dipping sauce

Super fun to make, super fun to eat. It’s a no-brainer.

spicy lemongrass peanut thai quinoa salad

This salad looks worthy of your favorite Thai restaurant, but it’s totally doable in your own kitchen.

crispy quinoa-crusted tofu with sweet chili dipping sauce

Any food that can be dipped in sweet chili sauce is a winner in our book.

chili quinoa-bean bites (with chipotle mashed sweet potatoes)

Throw these bites in a taco or on a plate with a festive dip. Plus, they’re tasty, filling, and cute — wins all around!

creamy garlic tomato soup

This recipe calls for “quinoa cream,” your new favorite (not-so-bad) indulgence. chipotle quinoa sweet potato tacos with 

roasted cranberry pomegranate salsa

Bust these out this spring or save this recipe for a holiday fiesta meal.

korean style quinoa salad

If you love flavor-packed meals, you need to dive into this crunchy and punchy bowl of quinoa.

zucchini spaghetti and quinoa crusted chicken parmesan meatballs

Zoodles (topped with quinoa) for life!

smoky chili quinoa

Add this to your backlog for game day eats.

5-ingredient quinoa mac and cheese

Comfort food just got way more health-conscious. And we like it.

healthy quinoa apple kheer

Instead of traditional rice, this Indian pudding uses quinoa to pack it with fiber and protein.

quinoa pizza with goat cheese, meyer lemon & basil

Lemon on pizza? Yes, and you’re welcome.

mediterranean quinoa with cashew tzatziki 

If you’re all about that Mediterranean life, then you just found your new favorite meal.

baked quinoa falafel

Skip the halal cart and make your own healthier version of falafel!

quinoa tabbouleh

Skip the couscous and go even grainier with this classic Arabian salad.

quinoa chicken parmesan

Skip the heavy bread crumbs and cover your chicken with something more textured (and better for your gut)!