By Sarah Coffey

Published on December 16, 2016

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Photography by THUSS + FARRELL

Photography and Styling by Thuss + Farrell
Text by Sarah Coffey

Paper, string, stickers, and a few simple folding skills are all you need to create colorful tassels, graphic patterns, and more gift wrap wonders. Rebecca Thuss of creative duo Thuss + Farrell shows us the art of the pretty package!

Your Go-To Gift Wrap Kit 

“Personalizing a present communicates an extra level of thoughtfulness,” says Thuss. Here’s her mini resource guide:

Bulk paper: 

Buy rolls of white butcher and kraft paper, or even reams of printer paper.


Thuss orders metallics, like gold and silver, from Amazon.

Grosgrain ribbon:

 Carta, M&J Trimmings, and Purl Soho are good sources.

Bakery twine: 

Thuss loves U.K.-made Everlasto for its color and thickness.

Sticker sheets: 

Office suppliers sell full-sheet labels in whites and brights.


 Stock up on round colored labels from Avery, Instock, or Paper Source.

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Photography by THUSS + FARRELL

Sticker Fun

Cut a modern collage from sticker sheets. Trim round labels into half-moons using matte metallic or black and white for a luxe look. Forgo wrapping paper and play with sticker shapes to dress up a basic gift box.

Form tribal triangles out of black masking tape. Create a cute petal pattern by slicing heart stickers in half. Everyone loves a hand-cut heart. Make a confetti constellation with washi tape and dots.


Round labels


Avery Dots

from $3/pack Amazon.

Marble & Copper Contact Paper

from $7/roll Amazon.

Masking Tape

from $3/roll Amazon.

Heart, Dot & Square Stickers

from $5/pack

Neon Full-Page Labels


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Photography by THUSS + FARRELL

Fringe Benefits

Use fringing scissors to make tassels and poms.



For a layered look, stack different colors and/or lengths of crepe paper. Fringe one or both ends. Put a drop of glue at the top


or center. Roll the layers together. Secure with twine or cord.


Stack 10 rectangles of tissue paper. Fringe the long sides, squeeze them together, and pinch the middle. Secure with a twist-tie and puff the pom. 

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Photography by THUSS + FARRELL

Pleats Please


Accordion-fold two pieces of paper. Cinch the centers with a twist-tie. Fan the pleats. Join the junctions with glue.

Folded Fan

Accordion-fold one piece of paper. For a serrated edge, cut the ends on an angle. To fasten your fan, staple it

to a ribbon, double-stick-tape it to a box, thread ribbon through with a hole-punch or attach it to a dowel with a twist-tie.


Italian Crepe Paper from $6/roll 
Florist & Doublette Crepe Paper from $3/sheet 

Assorted Wrapping Paper
Khristiana Howell
Knot & Bow
Meri Meri
Oh Happy Day Shop
Paper Source
Revel & Co. 
Rifle Paper Company
Sugar Paper
The Pink Orange 

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Photography by THUSS + FARRELL

Tied F

or The Win

All these use a simple knot! Take one long ribbon, loop it around, and knot at the top.

Single Knots

Vary your ties with one loop, or three. For a more graphic look, try two angled loops,

or two diagonal crisscrossed loops .

Compound Knots

Get fancy with two ribbons, either tied together on the diagonal with splatter-painted tags or free-form looped. Step it up with three: one simple knot, plus two ribbons tied to the first. An extra-fancy tie takes four: each ribbon tied to the next in a clockwise pattern.


Baker’s Twine
Grosgrain Ribbons 
Studio Carta Ribbons 
Silk Ribbons & Cord 
Metallic Twine 
Everlasto Twine from $10 

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