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Photography by DOMINO

The office is a space in which we tend to spend many hours of our day in. Whether it be an intimate setting at home, or an open layout workspace, it’s important to create a zone that nourishes creativity, comfort, and efficiency. So we caught up with 

Chiara de Rege

and Hilary Koyfman, the rad designers behind the decor of The Wing (see it in our winter issue!), to snag a few tips for creating a more cozy and comfortable office. Take a look!

Photography by MOLLY WINTERS

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Layer

Bring in textured pieces such as throw pillows and rugs to instill warmth throughout the space.

“Treat your office as if it were another room in your home. Details like art, pillows, and rugs will cozy it up.” – Hilary Koyfman 

Photography by NINA CHOI

2. Merchandise The Space

Designate an area to group books, framed pictures, and other cool or found objects. It’s a personal touch with an added touch of sentimentality. 

3. Candles For Mood

Bring in your favorite scent in the form of a candle. It can help create the perfect ambience!


4. Well-Structured Pieces

For those whose professions require them to remain stationed at their computers for the majority of the day, paying mind to the ergonomics can go the distance in terms of comfort and efficiency.

“I love beautiful desks with functional office chairs like a great vintage, Eames soft padded management chair.” – Chiara de Rege 

“If you can, make sure you have furniture that is both functional (a desk) and comfortable (chairs or a couch).” – Hilary Koyfman 

Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

5. Fresh Flowers

Much like with any other space, fresh florals can do wonders! Alternate with bright greens such as monstrea or succulents, if you prefer something that is low-maintenance.

6. Art!

Bring in a colorful detail to impart the space with a more personal touch. From desktop photographs to oversized wall prints, there are no shortage of methods for adding in a little extra layer of personalization to an office.

“In one office I had, there were no windows so I did an accent wall with Schumacher chinoiserie paper and it really cheered the place up!” – Chiara de Rege