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Nothing softens the industrial feel of so in-the-moment copper accents like the blushy, baby-soft lure of pink. These two hues are a match made in design heaven, and we’ve found 14 drool-worthy rooms to prove it.

Baby pink walls soften the industrial bones of this bedroom while injecting a playful punch of romance.

When set against a white monochromatic background, even small touches of copper and pink make a glam statement in this bright and cheery kitchen.

For a single punch of bold copper color opt for

statement lighting

, like these oversized copper pendants.

Since copper plays like a neutral, it can be combined with a multitude of color combinations, like this playful living space in bright candy-coated hues.

For a look that is antiqued and understated, seek pinks in dusty hues, and copper accents with a muted shine.

The copper-pink craze is also unbelievably chic in the bathroom. While it’s not certain whether these tiles are pink, or simply exuding a pink hue by way of reflection, it is easy to see how baby pink tiles would mesh beautifully with copper pipes and hardware.

Copper accents need not always be committment pieces like lighting, hardware, or furniture. For a simpler way to introduce copper to a space, try accessories like vases, decorative trays, or photo frames. And if you’re not keen on pink walls, try repainting a key piece of furniture like this dusty pink armoire.

Here copper and pink show off their versatility, pairing with a room that shares both vintage and modern vibes.

Both copper and pink pair extremely well with varying shades of gray. For a space that’s bold and monochromatic with a twist, pair pink and copper with a mostly gray palette.

Copper pairs well with all shades of pink, including hot pink and even magenta. For the boldest pinks, keep other colors neutral, like these black, white, and wood hues.

Try pairing a copper pendant light with a copper-toned bedside table for a double dose of copper in the bedroom.

The office and guest room are two spaces where you can let a love of copper and pink run wild, with bold splashes of each in a variety of shades and textures. This room plays with pattern and fun accessories to create a space that’s vibrant and stimulating.

Three is beautiful company when copper and pink pair with white marble. And just when you thought this was a look best suited for the kitchen, think again. There are plenty of chic marble accents for the living and bedroom, like accent tables, wall and floor tiles, lamps, and tabletop accessories.

For a room that’s low key and minimal, opt for a single pop of pink and copper, like this understated copper sconce and soft pink accent pillow.