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You need a lot of accessories in order to really do Coachella right—one of them being a blanket to sit down and chill out. After a day catching the perfect lineup in beautiful California sunshine, you’ll probably want a comfortable place kick off your sandals. But why rely on a blanket when you can pack so many other items instead, with just a little creative planning? See 35 blanket replacements for when you’re trying to relax at your campsite after a long Coachella day.

Natchez Teal Rug

This teal color feels bohemian and is the perfect splash of color if you usually stick to a neutral color palette. Bonus: Your campsite will be easy to spot!

Buy now: $46.99

100% New Zealand Sheepskin Single in Gradient Grey

Same with this mint sheepskin!

Buy now: $70.99

Tie Dye Halves Pillow in Steel Blue

Tie dye is so festival. Pack this pillow for a chic campsite.

Buy now: $83.99

Tropics Pouf in White

If you’re driving into Indio, stuff your car with fun accessories for your tent! We’d love to hang out on this pouf—instead of the grass—for the weekend. Having a proper place to sit will be very welcome, we promise.

Buy now: $215.99

Mesa Rug in Blue

This lightweight but durable rug will no doubt withstand the wear of the weekend.

Buy now: $98.99

Tamran Power Loomed Rug in Alpine

Coachella is the most bohemian festival of all! Bring along a chic, light blue rug as an extra accessory—you won’t regret it.

Buy now: $84.49

Funky Agate Pillow

This funky fresh (and brightly colored!) pillow will make you the queen of the campsite.

Buy now: $164.99

Oh Joy! Fold-up Beach Mat

It gets HOT at Coachella (like, really, really hot). Pack a beach mat to relax on and catch some rays—just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Buy now: $20

Jewel Tone Dappled Watercolor Custom Pouf

This jewel toned, watercolor pouf truly is a work of art.

Buy now: $251.99

100% New Zealand Sheepskin

Pack a double sheepskin to share—and win the bestie of the year award.

Buy now: $150.99

Rustic Charm Rug in Emerald

Allow your rug to blend with the grass with this light green shade. We’d like these layered in a few complimentary, almost neutral colors.

Buy now: $68.99

Shapes Rug Lilac Combo

Go for the pastel color block look with this modern, pale rug.

Buy now: $74.99

Kismet Coral

Add this to your cart, ASAP, if you’re going for a bohemian vibe! (And let’s face it, you probably are).

Buy it: $174

Jute Border Rug Metallic Silver

It’s almost like this rug has a flash tat! (Yeah, we went there).

Buy now: $47.99

Torino Cowhide Pillow in Black

Bring this pillow to cuddle with for those times when you want to forget you’re camping in a tent.

Buy now: $58.99

Large Pouf

Poufs are hands down the comfiest way to chill out at your campsite.

Buy now: $297.99

Caravan2 rug

This pastel patterned rug will fit in perfectly with the eclectic vibes of Coachella.

Buy now: $88.99

Faraway Lands Pillow

Pack pillows to lean, sit, or sleep on.

Buy now: $118.99

Empress Rug Red

Imagine your whole crew sitting on this larger rug.

Buy now: $168.99

Kelim Semi Circle Cushion

These pale shades will fit right in with the desert landscape.

Buy now: $100.49

Milazzo Rug

We love the subtle pattern on this white and taupe rug. Share with a friend or lay down to rest between shows!

Buy now: $41.99

Topo Marbled Pillow in Red Desert

Nothing is chicer than this marbled desert pillow. A selfie would definitely have to be in order!

Buy now: $179.99

Mesa Rug in Black

Go graphic with this black and white patterned rug.

Buy now: $318.99

Herringbone Rug in Black

Fold this rug up and stuff it in your friend’s backpack between shows!

Buy now: $48.99

Anzio Rug in Charcoal


bohemian prints

and pastels aren’t your scene, try this deeper charcoal rug.

Buy now: $139.49

Harbour Island Floor Pillow

The ultimate trick to staying comfortable at Coachella: Bringing a floor pillow! They’re more portable than poufs and more comfortable than any rug or blanket.

Buy now: $178.99

Viera Rug in Ash

This faded gray and white rug is the epitome of festival style.

Buy now: $188.99

100% New Zealand Sheepskin Single in Gradient Grey

Try a gradient grey over a solid color.

Buy now: $70.99

Lines Grey Pouf

Minimalist and beachy, this grey and white pouf has the potential to be your ultimate summer accessory (for Coachella, the beach, and beyond!).

Buy now: $269.99

Majorka Dark Grey Rug

Roll your rug up like a yoga mat to make carting it around easier!

Buy now: $33.99

Harris White Rug

Yes, carrying around a white rug in the desert is a risky move, but if you prevent spills and stains (on your clothing AND the rug), think about how accomplished you’ll feel at the end!

Buy now: $71.99

Yellow Woven Custom Pouf

Add some sunshine (not that you’ll need it!) to your campsite with this bright and cheery pouf.

Buy now: $251.99

Xavier Rug in Grey and Gold

Same goes for this gold rug.

Buy now: $168.99

Lucas Hand Woven Rug in Ivory and Black

Even if you think now you’ll be too lazy to bring something to sit on, trust us when we say, don’t make that mistake! This larger white and black striped rug will work great for a Coachella campsite—and your backyard—all summer long.

Buy now: $111.99

Florida Ivory Rug

You can easily roll up this lightweight rug and throw it in any bag. We love the multicolored detailing!

Buy now: $26.99