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If the days seem to be blurring together into one long Tuesday, you are not alone. For a lot of us, losing track of time has also meant giving up a sense of routine, but a new wallpaper product, specifically designed for how we are all living now, aims to fix that. Chasing Paper’s latest collection, Plan with Purpose, isn’t like the rest of its temporary coverings. The 16” x 24” panels are basically like mini whiteboards with different prompts for staying organized. Priced at $22, each one adheres directly to the wall so there’s no fussy refrigerator magnets or nails involved. Get back on track with one of these peel-and-stick lists.

If Cleaning Isn’t Your Strong Suit…

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.28.15 PM
Chore Chart, Chasing Paper ($22)

Not sure whose turn it is to do the dishes? Can’t recall who took out the trash last? When you’re a kid, a chore chart keeps you busy outside of school hours and stops hampers from overflowing. If you’re an adult sheltering in place with a significant other, it’ll stop arguments from overheating. Rather than designate chores to each other, mark when someone has accomplished a task—it’ll simultaneously make you more of a team and more competitive. 

If School Is in Session…

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.28.29 PM
School Schedule, Chasing Paper ($22)

Between Zoom calls with teachers, lunchtime, and homework, it can be tough to keep tabs on all your kid’s to-dos. So set their space up for success, wherever it may be (the kitchen table, the home office, their bedroom), by filling in all the blanks. Marking even the smallest rituals, like going outside for a 30-minute break, will help everyone’s Monday-through-Friday routine go smoother.


If You’re Avoiding the Grocery Store…

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.28.44 PM
Weekly Menu, Chasing Paper ($22)

Mapping out what you’ll be eating for the next week takes the stress out of prep, plus it will encourage you to use what you have in your pantry. Realize on Monday that you don’t have chili powder for Thursday’s dinner? Don’t jet off to the market for one little bottle just yet. You have plenty of time to find a substitute ingredient (a dash of hot sauce, oregano, paprika, and cumin), order it online, or come up with a plan B. 

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