by Cora L Diekman

Bold wall treatments are always in season, and now ceilings are finally having their day in the sun. Keep reading to see how eight rooms are totally transformed by DIY treatments that are just as chic as they are bold.

Role reversal

This chic living space flips tradition upside down with stark white floors and bold black ceilings. In this case, matte black ceiling paint also provides clever contrast for a modern glass light fixture that would otherwise be lost against a traditional white ceiling.

Bold and bright

No special skills are required to create this chic effect. In one bold move, a coat of vivid paint elevates the tone of this room from sleepy to spectacular.

Patterns in paper

Wallpaper on the ceiling isn’t a new trend, but bold and graphic patterns are. A move this daring requires major commitment, so choose a paper with staying power that can work with a variety of designs.

Say it with stripes

Why should kids’ rooms have all the fun? This bold design is so universally chic, it could be easily replicated in any room of the house. Make sure stripes don’t overwhelm an already busy design by keeping colors at a minimum and relying heavily on neutrals, like this baby’s room in black, white, and shades of gold.

Embrace illusion

Cleverly patterned wallpaper tricks the eye into believing there is sophisticated tile work at play overhead. This illusion works best with high ceilings, and looks especially beautiful in this chic nearly-neutral kitchen.

Be creative

A simple wall-to-ceiling treatment transforms this baby’s room into a tranquil nap time oasis, complete with dreamy clouds overhead.

Bold at bathtime

Don’t forget the bathroom. This timeless take on neutral tradition ups the ante with a coat of rich

black paint

on the ceiling.

Entryway charm

When a simple coat of bold ceiling paint isn’t enough, channel your creative juices and try a pattern instead. This single color design is eye-catching yet simple, taking cue from an understated brass light fixture, and extending its color outward in a sunburst-inspired design.

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