If Carrara marble were a person in your friend group, it would be the one who everyone gets along with. The natural stone, which is known for its deep gray background and soft veining, is reliable, familiar, and all-around easy on the eyes. That’s why many in the renovation space consider Carrara (not to be confused with its close, and slightly more expensive, cousin, Calacatta) a classic, including Cathy Nyarkoh, lead designer for home renovation platform Block Renovation. Looking ahead to 2022, Nyarkoh predicts the popular kitchen countertop material will be making a major shift to the bathroom. 

“In particular, [we’ll be] seeing large-format tiles stacked vertically offset to elongate the space,” says the remodeling expert. The company recently executed the idea in a condo in Brooklyn, and the design (which they called on Instagram “chef’s kiss”) does just that: It creates the illusion that the small, windowless room is larger than it really is. (Psst: Don’t forget to cover any recessed storage niches, too.)

Not only is this a small space–friendly idea, the tile format is an affordable alternative to going with traditional slabs. A good chunk of Carrara marble is going to cost anywhere from $75 to $100 per square foot before it’s installed, but you can score these chic tile options for way less: