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The second season of Bridgerton premieres this month, and as our minds drift back toward Regency-era England, our surroundings suddenly feel insufficient. Yet while the name of the game is luxury, that doesn’t mean creating an extravagant space is out of reach. Walmart’s spring home offering features modern twists on period pieces that capture the era’s opulent spirit—without the hefty price tag.  

Regal charm is arguably most associated with the bedroom. Printed wallpaper, antique touches, gilded accents—it’s ideal for those of us seeking a departure from minimalism; in fact, with the central theme of early-19th-century design being straight-up decadence, we’d say this one is exclusively for maximalists.

Ready to embrace Regency-core? Below, you’ll find 10 bedroom essentials that offer none of the fuss but all of the glam.

Something Baroque

Once you pick a color scheme, just know there will be a lot of it—and nothing encapsulates the over-the-top quality of the Regency era era quite like walls swathed in Georgian damask.

Something Fringed

Little indulgences make all the difference. A plush velvet ottoman has multiple purposes: Use it as a vanity stool or de facto end table for your collection of coffee-table books, or place it in an otherwise empty corner to sit on when lacing up your shoes in the morning.

Something Gilded

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Infuse luxury into your sacred space by adding gilded accents like oversize mirrors or picture frames.

Something Porcelain

Keep up with the color theme in a tasteful way with a few decorative items, such as a bedside lamp in a sophisticated chinoiserie print that looks like the best flea market find. 

Something Frilly

Avoid the usual loud silk duvet seen frequently throughout the period and opt instead for something understated. Experiment with ruffles via pared-back accents, like a sham or throw pillow, or go full on and dress your bed head to toe in a skirted comforter.

Something Antique-ish

Wake up feeling like royalty. A wrought-iron and crystal chandelier (which comes with both hardware and plug-in options) adds a hint of decadence without going overboard.

Something Draped

Naked windows no more. Curtains, like wallpaper, are central to achieving the period’s signature romanticism. Pick a velvet curtain in a solid shade, or try pattern-on-pattern layering with something printed (but neutral). During the day, tie the drawn drapes back with a rope tassel.

Something Damask

Accent rugs are an easy way to tie in the design trifecta: color, warmth, and texture. Plus they look as good as they feel.

Something Floral

If adding a four-poster bed or tufted headboard to your space isn’t currently an option, your room can still feel special with something subtler like a set of delicately printed sheets.

Something Sculpted

It may not be a Rodin, but your secret’s safe with us.