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With references like classic Chanel suits and mid-century living rooms, white bouclé is the epitome of chic. But it isn’t just synonymous with luxury: It works well with a wide range of styles, from sun-bleached, earthy spaces to more polished, maximalist rooms. Its versatility is all thanks to its nubby texture (the fact that it’s a neutral helps, too).

Bouclé, which is supersoft and looks a bit like shearling from afar, is woven with yarn that has loops of varying sizes, giving it a raised, bumpy feel. It might seem subtle, but layer the in-demand fabric with other smooth textiles, whether in monochromatic or contrasting hues, and the effect is surprisingly impactful. It just makes any piece feel special. 

Modernism-focused furniture label Kardiel clearly feels the same. Kardiel is our under-the-radar source for items that are comfortable, clever, hand-built, and on budget—and the brand’s Blanc Bouclé collection finds the fabric on 100-plus pieces, from ottomans to oversize sectionals. Below, see eight of our favorites.

This mid-century modern–inspired chaise sectional is for those who are ready to just go for it. A few details—including prominent walnut legs and minimal tufting on the back cushions—keep it from feeling overly retro, though the silhouette is clearly influenced by Mad Men–era furniture.

This duo of throw pillows is just plain fun—they’re like bouclé beach balls. Layer them on your sofa solo or mix them in with other styles in like-minded colors. We’re willing to bet you’ll find it hard to not pick up and play with them regularly, and guests will likely feel the same.

The streamlined silhouette of this lounge chair makes it feel especially modern. Finished in a white bouclé, it’s extra-cozy and inviting—the perfect spot to curl up and read. Set it next to a sofa with a contrasting fabric and it will really stand out, just as it pops against its black steel base.

Use this multifunctional ottoman as extra seating, a place to prop your feet, a low coffee table (top it with a large tray and you’ll have a surface to safely place drinks)—or all three. Plus it’s a nice way to test the fabric out in your space without committing to something big.

Remember what we said about white bouclé popping against contrasting colors? This sculptural dining chair is a prime example of that. The cushions become a standout design detail and offer a nice textural variation to the oak-stained walnut’s smooth finish.

This super-cute piece works as a stool, a footrest, or even a side table. We love its curvy, almost mushroom-like shape that feels very of the moment, while the upholstery choice makes it a classic.

Curved, channel tufted, and done in a textural bouclé—this sofa has it all. We’d love seeing this bench-seat–style beauty in a room piled with neutrals. It would be the pièce de résistance for sure, and it even comes with playful orb pillows.

We’d pair two of these low-profile, ‘70s-inspired seats next to each other in a formal living room; they have a sculptural quality that lends itself more to chatting over cocktails than kicking back and watching a movie.