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For beauty junkies everywhere, Birchbox is the beauty-sampling box that fulfilled their desire to try countless products without going absolutely broke. In 2010, at just 27, Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder and CEO of the company, launched the brand with the help of partner Hayley Barna. It’s since become a global sampling box empire with brick and mortar stores that opened in 2014. Now, Beauchamp is starring in a Lifetime show called Project Runway: Fashion Startup (think Shark Tank for fashion and beauty entrepreneurs) to spread her knowledge. So, how exactly does she do it all?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I wake up a little before 7am, even on weekends. I do a quick stretch and check my phone for any important texts, but don’t look at my email. Then I go get the boys—I have two-and-a-half-year-old twins, Guy and Alec. I sit with them on the couch and we all watch Weekend Today (they are obsessed with the Today Show, seven days a week!). Then I make them breakfast—usually French toast, oatmeal or eggs.

What are your favorite things to do for yourself on the weekends?

My goal on the weekends is to get in as much activity as possible—so no lounging on the couch, if I can help it. I walk around the city as much as I can—down to Washington Square Park or SoHo—and try to squeeze in a SoulCycle class, as well. I always arrange to have a babysitter on either Friday or Saturday night so I can go out with my husband or friends and family. It’s important to catch up with people and not talk about work.


I also try to give my skin a break from makeup on the weekends. I keep my routine simple and stick to eyebrows, some mascara and undereye concealer. My favorite right now is Smashbox’s BB Cream for Eyes—it instantly makes my skin look smoother; it’s really spectacular. I’m good about doing a face mask or two on weekends too—all of the GlamGlow ones are amazing, especially the GravityMud Firming Treatment.

How do you deal when you’re away for the weekend?

There are a few things I always pack for the boys when we go away: a sound machine, which allows them to sleep anywhere, plenty of snacks, and several books, which keep them pretty entertained in the car. Because I pack so much for them, I try to keep my bag small and streamlined. So, one pair of shoes, a pair of jeans and an outfit for going out.

On Sundays, I try to get back to the city in time for the boys’ bedtime, which is 8pm. I always plan ahead when I know we’ll be away for the weekend, so before we head out of town, I order groceries and make child care arrangements for the following week so I’m not scrambling to do it when we get home on Sunday night.

What are the activities or errands on your “must-accomplish list” every weekend?

It definitely varies, but we have to go outside with the boys and play in the park in almost any weather condition. I need to let them go crazy and run around for a few hours. I’m so focused on work during the week that weekends are when I take care of anything life-related—for example, making travel plans, dealing with any repairs around the house, that kind of thing. Cleaning out my closet is at the top of my to-do list right now.


What do you do on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead?

I’m super focused on spending as much quality time with the kids as possible on the weekends—singing, talking, playing, just actively being with them. I really don’t leave their side unless they’re napping. On Sunday nights we have a family party in the bathroom while we bathe the boys. Then, my husband and I cook dinner together after we put them to bed.