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Itsy-bitsy spaces with so much character. That’s what we’re obsessing over. There have been a few that we’ll never (ever) forget. Here are a few of our favorite small-space projects.

SF Girl By Bay 

All you ever wanted was a walk-in closet. The reality is that just won’t happen with your space limitations. Look no further than Victoria Smith for advice. Using only a two-tone color palette and copper accents, San Francisco’s resident cool girl effortlessly transformed her bedroom’s tiny nook into a cozy dressing area. Get an inside look here.

The Jungalow

Justina Blakeney cleverly combined vintage crates into a bookshelf spilling with originality. Perfect for spots of any kind – big or small – simply adjust the number of crates according to the size of your own space to recreate her eye-catching creation. Let Justina inspire you at the Jungalow.

Sugar & Cloth

Ashley Rose knows that to live in a small space, you have to possess a minimalist gene (or at least an organizational one). Her ingenious pegboard headboard not only holds some of her bedtime essentials – a book and an alarm clock – but also, it’s extremely customizable and easy to make. Get her help here.

Little Green Notebook

If you think you don’t have space for a nightstand, let Jenny Komenda come to your rescue. With just several pieces of wood, several screws, and some paint, create your very own floating nightstand to save precious floor space. Fun. Easy. Cheap. Need we say more?

A Beautiful Mess

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman enlisted their friend Joshua Rhodes to create a special piece of furniture for a mini-space that is often overlooked: the entryway. The result? A hallway table that is both compact and decorative. Let Joshua lead the way here.

Young House Love 

This will always be a favorite tiny space transformation. Sometimes a wasted area can turn into a special place for kids. Sherry and John converted a guest closet into a play-zone for their daughter in several easy steps. See how you can create one in your home here.

Reading My Tea Leaves

When it comes to maximizing space, we turn to a husband and wife team who have been living in an apartment just under 250-square-feet for three years. Erin Boyle shares her expertise on Reading My Tea Leaves covering everything from organizing your closet efficiently to making use of under-the-bed storage space.