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New York loves rosé. Somehow the entire population of a city (and it’s summer outpost, the Hamptons), decided that when the weather warms to the point that the subway is a gross(er) experience, all our wine should be pink. The city consumes rosé in huge volume during the summer season, but this year we’d like to dive a little deeper into wine we should drink during warm weather not because it’s rosé, but because it’s good. Read on for a few of our summer staples!

The Local Hero 

If you drink rosé in New York and you don’t know about Wolffer Estate rosé, please educate yourself before someone notices. Okay that sounds harsh but really, it’s a great wine. It’s dry, complex (think–not boring or generically placed on happy hour special), and crowd-pleasing. It’s actually made in the Hamptons, too, and there’s nothing like drinking local, amiright?

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The New Favorite 

Rosé isn’t typically the first wine you reach for when sitting down to a delicious, sea-inspired summer meal. Truvée Wines’ first-ever rosé will change that. Created by a sister team with an amazing story, this wine’s delicate, beautifully complex, slightly floral flavor will be the talk of any dinner party you bring it to.

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The Famous One 

Everybody’s got that one wine they recognize on a menu. The one wine they can spot across the room in a wine shop and know it’s a solid bet. That’s Whispering Angel. It’s your can’t-go-wrong, don’t-worry-it’s-good rosé for summer. It’s kind of the mom wine of the group, but mama’s got good taste.

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The Everyday Rosé

This is your new go-to. This is the one you keep in the fridge at all times and hang out with after a bad day at the office. Lorenza rosé is an easy wine to like. Not too sweet, without even a hint of that syrupy tendency other, lesser rosés tend to have. You’ll measure your best summer evenings in empty bottles of this one, just wait and see–or sip.

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The Big Deal 

We need to mention one special occasion rosé, of course. This is the one you save for (or order on) the day you get that dream job. The day you sign a lease on your first awesome apartment. You celebrate with this wine. Crisp and refreshing, if you could put a birthday candle in a glass of wine without it falling over, this would be the wine to choose.

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