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Getting a baby to sleep might be one of life’s hardest tasks, but thankfully finding a comfortable chair for the nursery has never been easier. When Naomi Coe started her nursery-focused design firm in 2007, there were only a few good baby-centric brands and very limited styles. In the years since, she has designed 200 rooms for little ones, wrote Your Perfect Nursery, and witnessed the rise of high-quality, well-designed pieces firsthand. 

Today the problem with nursery furniture swings in the other direction from when Coe started: There are seemingly endless options, which can leave parents-to-be struggling with decision paralysis. And the nursery classic, a rocking chair, has faced stiff competition from gliders. “Gliders seem to be much more popular with my clients,” says Coe. “They have a greater range of motion than a rocking chair,” and some people find them to be more comfortable. They also require a bit less effort to keep moving than a rocker. 

With so many varieties to choose from, we asked Coe what to keep in mind when shopping for a glider to help make those newborn days (and long nights) a little bit easier. Here are the eight best nursery gliders. 

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Nurture& The Glider Plus 

Nurture Glider
The Glider Plus, Nurture& ($1,399)

Fabric: Polyester-nylon blend in ivory or gray | Base: Birchwood and poplar | Size: 43-by-33 inches

What we like:

  • 200-degree swivel 
  • Adjustable headrest 
  • 30-day return window and free shipping
  • Hidden USB ports for easy charging

Worth noting:

  • Ottoman and pillow sold separately

Why we chose it: A quiet, motor-powered recline means you can adjust your position without waking the babe. And once they’ve flown the nest, this one is chic enough to live outside the nursery. 

Nurture& is known for its gliders, but when it comes to the cream of the crop of its assortment, the newest Glider Plus does it all. Its cushy silhouette is covered in a stain-resistant (read: spit-up–proof) fabric that comes in either a creamy ivory or soft gray. The high-back top not only provides ample lumbar support but features a hidden, adjustable headrest, a bonus feature that one dad truly enjoyed, adding, “When reclined, it’s so great to support my head while looking down at my phone during those 3 a.m. sessions.” 

A recliner and glider in one, this chair is also C-section approved and has become many a reviewer’s go-to sleep spot (expectant moms and their eventual little ones included). And while the price is definitely on the splurgy side, shoppers are adamant it’s “worth every penny,” dubbing it the “best nursery investment we’ve made.” Compared to others on this list, its roomy depth allows you to rock two kids at once, and it can easily be disguised as an accent chair in the living room when the nursery is no longer needed and becomes a home office. 

Best Customizable: Monte Design Como Glider

The Best Nursery Glider Option: Monte Design Como Glider
Como Glider, Monte Design ($1,595)

Fabric: Heathered fabric, microfiber, wool, cotton/linen, velvet, sheepskin | Base: Solid wood or stainless steel | Size: 33-by-38 inches

What we like:

  • Performance fabrics 
  • Made to order
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices 
  • Removable cushion covers for easy laundering

Worth noting:

  • Long lead times 

Why we chose it: Not only is this fan-favorite glider customizable, it’s just about the comfiest place to take a much-needed nap.

This glider is a staff favorite at Magic Beans and Go Green Baby, where the founder has been known to curl up for a nap in the store model. In addition to earning a coveted stamp of approval from purveyors of nursery gear, this chair can be personally tailored in a number of different performance, microfiber, velvet, and woven fabrics, and the cushion covers are removable for easy washing. It is spacious and very soft, glides and swivels, and customizable in tons of classic nursery hues (like petal pink) as well as on-trend colors (such as moss green). Coe loves Monte gliders and often sources them for her clients. The brand offers details on its responsible manufacturing and sustainability efforts online, which is always a good sign. But since these gliders are made to order, they can take upwards of 20 weeks to ship, so you’ll want to get this chair ordered before the third trimester.

Best Value: Evolur Swivel Glider

The Best Nursery Glider Option: Evolur Swivel Glider
Evolur Swivel Glider, Amazon ($418)

Material: Polyester | Base: Metal | Size: 32-by-39 inches 

What we like:

  • 8 muted hues 
  • Side pockets for stashing books or magazines 
  • Spacious seat and high back

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: If you’re not looking to spend just as much on a glider as your firstborn, consider this reasonably priced option that comes in plenty of colors.

A lower price point sometimes raises questions about comfort and quality, but this chair passes the test. One reviewer writes that, with the other gliders they looked at, “the seat seemed really narrow and the back wasn’t high enough to rest your head on.” But this one, they report, is “the perfect height and has plenty of room for myself and my 3-year-old daughter to sit in it with me. The material is thick, and the chair seems very sturdy.” It comes with side pockets for stashing bedtime books or downtime magazines, and while the polyester fabric will run warmer than other fabrics like cotton or linen, it’s easy to clean and comes in eight muted hues to match any nursery.

Best SilhouetteCrate & Kids Snoozer Nursery Glider

The Best Nursery Glider Option:Crate & Kids Snoozer Nursery Glider
Snoozer Nursery Glider, Crate & Kids ($1,099)

Fabric: Polyester and acrylic-blend bouclé | Base: Pine with oak veneer | Size: 21.25-by-35.5 inches 

What we like:

  • Collaboration with Leanne Ford 
  • Playful, modern silhouette 
  • Available in creamy white and deep charcoal

Worth noting:

  • A bit more high maintenance 
  • The ottoman is sold separately.

Why we chose it: She’s not a regular glider, she’s a cool glider with a funky shape.

Kids’ spaces need not be devoid of good design; in fact, here’s a piece you might want to steal for your own room. This playful silhouette, designed by Leanne Ford, doesn’t feel too childish, and the rounded, stacked upholstery in a bouclé fabric could easily move to the living room when it outgrows its purpose in the nursery. If you’re worried about stains on the white fabric, it also comes in a deep charcoal.

Best Glider-Recliner ComboWest Elm Kids Paxton Swivel Glider & Recliner

The Best Nursery Glider Option: West Elm Kids Paxton Swivel Glider & Recliner
Paxton Swivel Glider & Recliner, West Elm Kids ($999)

Fabric: Cross weave, basket weave, chenille, linen, canvas, bouclé, velvet, twill  | Base: Solid metal | Size: 39-by-42.5 inches

What we like:

  • 20 custom fabrics to choose from 
  • 3 modes, from upright to fully reclined 
  • Only 1 hand needed to operate the recliner

Worth noting:

  • Some fabrics take longer to ship than others

Why we chose it: The best place to (literally) kick your feet back after a long day of work or baby caretaking.

This glider has three modes: fully upright, partially reclined, and fully reclined with a pop-out footrest, plus it comes in 20 custom fabrics to match any space. The recline mechanism is meant for those juggling a sleeping baby: You only need one hand to operate it, and it’s nearly silent. When the footrest is tucked away and the chair is upright, it clears up some floor space, perfect for a little one learning to crawl. 

Best SlipcoveredSerena & Lily Presidio Swivel Glider

The Best Nursery Glider Option: Serena & Lily Presidio Swivel Glider
Presidio Swivel Glider, Serena & Lily ($2,298)

Fabric: Performance, velvet, cotton, linen | Base: Engineered hardwood | Size: 34-by-34 inches

What we like:

  • 116 fabrics to choose from, including patterns 
  • Easy to clean thanks to slipcovers 
  • Compact for smaller nurseries

Worth noting:

  • On the pricier end of our list

Why we chose it: A nursery chair is going to get soiled, so it might as well have an easy-to-remove slipcover, right?

Patterned fabrics are a great option for disguising stains, and this chair offers a number of striped options in performance fabrics. It’s a bit pricey, but the fact that it’s slipcovered makes it even easier to keep clean. It’s compact for smaller nurseries and made in North Carolina out of a durable hardwood frame. Plus it brings a bit of California cool to your home, no matter where you live. The gliding ottoman is sold separately. 

Best Disguisable: Lulu and Georgia Hayley Glider

The Best Nursery Glider Option: Lulu & Georgia Hayley Glider
Hayley Glider, Lulu & Georgia ($2,198)

Fabric: Greenguard-certified fabric | Base: Kiln-dried ash and maple | Size: 39-by-38 inches

What we like:

  • Stain-repellent performance fabric 
  • Swivel motion is also great for a living room 
  • Timeless silhouette

Worth noting:

  • Ships in 22 to 24 weeks

Why we chose it: You’d never know this was a piece of nursery furniture unless we told you.

Here’s a chair that doesn’t scream “nursery” but is perfect for baby-related tasks. The Crypton performance fabric repels stains but isn’t scratchy or too stiff; plus “it is super-comfortable and supportive for nursing,” writes one reviewer. With the swivel feature and timeless silhouette, it would also be an asset in a living room or den. Just be sure to order ahead of time, since it takes anywhere from 22 to 24 weeks to ship.

Best Eco-CertifiedMillion Dollar Baby Crawford Glider

The Best Nursery Glider Option: Million Dollar Baby Crawford Glider
Crawford Glider, Million Dollar Baby ($599)

Material: Recycled plastic bottle and yarn performance weave | Base: FSC-certified wood | Size: 36.25-by-39.5 inches 

What we like:

  • Accessible price point compared to most gliders 
  • Greenguard Gold certified
  • Made of CertiPUR-US-certified foam and wood from FSC-certified forests

Worth noting:

  • Only comes in 2 colors

Why we chose it: This chair has just about every sustainable certification you can name and looks incredibly elegant, to boot.

Sustainable furniture is not just made of eco-friendly materials; it’s also durable—meaning it’s well made enough to be passed on to friends or family members instead of ending up in a landfill. This glider is a great example. It’s Greenguard Gold certified and made of CertiPUR-US-certified foam and wood from FSC-certified forests. As for functionality, it swivels 360 degrees; glides smoothly; and has a wide, comfortable seat and plush back.

How We Chose These Products

Shopping for nursery furniture can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you’re hoping to pick pieces that will last long after the newborn stage, so we made sure all of our favorite gliders could blend seamlessly in a living room or bedroom, too. We reached out to Coe, owner of the nursery-focused design firm Little Crown Interiors, who has designed 200 rooms for little ones and seen the quality of well-designed gliders firsthand. We also spoke to Natalie George, founder of Go Green Baby, for more insight about the best nursery gliders.

Our Shopping Checklist

Size and Style

When it comes to gliders, Coe is looking for a few key things. “First and foremost, it needs to be comfortable,” she says. A high back will give you a place to rest your head, and a spacious seat will accommodate a variety of needs, from a breastfeeding pillow in the infancy stage to a wriggling toddler listening to stories before bed. Also, she notes: “A style that flows well with the rest of the home is ideal.” A glider is an investment piece, one that should last for a second child or potentially even work in another room after the baby years.

Material and Color

“Luckily a lot of glider brands offer great performance fabrics that stand up to stains,” says Coe. “Microfiber fabrics are better at keeping the spills on the surface so they can be wiped off.” With spit-up, milk spills, and other inevitable baby messes, a midtone fabric works well. Coe suggests a neutral color for versatility, as the room morphs from nursery to kids’ room or if the chair ends up in another space altogether. 


Upholstery and a gliding mechanism add up, and prices range from a few hundred bucks to the thousands. If you’re worried about cost, try to find a transitional glider, something stylish and durable enough that you can use outside the nursery, too. (Psst: You don’t have to look any further than our list of the best nursery gliders for these!)

Ask Domino

Q: Is a glider a worthy investment for a nursery? 

Instead of using a glider, George used a vintage wing-back chair. “My hunched-over back and poor posture continue to linger despite the fact that I am now finished with my baby-feeding experiences,” she writes. “So many nights I had to stand up and pace around my child’s room,” but a glider could have “done the moving for me,” she says. A glider makes the newborn stage easier for both parent and child. 

Q: Does a nursery glider need to recline? 

“It really depends on what each person is looking for,” says Coe of the slew of nursing chair options available. “I always suggest trying to find a local store where you can test a few out, just to see what types of features appeal to you.” 

Q: Are gliders safe for babies? 

Gliders are meant for parents and caregivers to use with a baby. A baby should never be left alone in a glider. 

Q: What’s the difference between a nursery glider and a rocking chair? 

A nursery glider is essentially a chair on a track that allows you to quietly cradle a baby in any direction without disturbing them from their slumber (at least when you actually happen to get them to sleep). A rocking chair, although a classic nursery accessory, only moves back and forth.

The Last Word

The best nursery glider is ergonomically designed and visually appealing, durable but also cozy. It’s a tried-and-tested tool for getting a fussy baby back to sleep, a spot for feedings, and a great way to reduce strain on the back and neck. Since it will serve as a companion for late nights and early mornings, take the time to find a glider that works for you.