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This year flew by, right? While 2017 may have had its low points (and its very, very low points), it wasn’t all bad: We learned so many brilliant hair tricks, from so many brilliant experts. We’re feeling a bit nostalgic, so please allow us to run through the list of the most incredible hair tips we learned in 2017. Our hair has never been healthier or happier, and we plan on using this expert advice to start the New Year off right.

1. The right (and super easy) way to cover up those first gray hairs.

“For the first grays, it’s better to do it yourself,” says French maestro

Christophe Robin

. “This trick is great because when you go to the salon or do it at home normally, the color is applied all over, and you should never do that just to cover a few grays.” You just need to touch up the roots. For the step-by-step directions, head to The $10 French Secret to Covering Those First Gray Hairs.

2. A Japanese head massage is the key to solving your hair woes (and total relaxation).

Its purpose is stimulating circulation in your scalp with a massaging technique that gently hits pressure points using head reflexology by a trained professional. And it has benefits that extend way beyond just being relaxing (and boy, is it ever). It has proven results in aiding in both dry and oily scalp, hair loss, and—believe it or not—even a puffy face.

For the treatment step-by-step guide, and how to DIY at home, head to Use This Japanese Technique to Get Perfect Hair.

3. The French way towash your hair is the best way to wash your hair.

The first cause of hair loss is an oily scalp, so mastering the right washing technique is key to lovely locks. Our favorite Frenchman, Christophe Robin, stepped in again to show us the secrets to perfect hair, one wash away (Hint: Your arms should be tired at the end of this treatment.).

Grab the seven simple steps for attaining that je ne sais quoi, with The Right (French!) Way to Wash Your Hair.

4. Conditioner is bad for you.

“All of this conditioner, it’s making your hair more fragile,” says Christophe Robin. “It’s a vicious circle. It’s like using a foundation to cover up bad skin. It’s hiding the problem, not addressing the problem.”

Light at the end of the tunnel? It totally changed our hair when we stopped using conditioner. Read on to understand why it might be time to kick it to the curb with The One Hair Product You Need to Stop Using.

5. There is a daily vitamin that makes your hair grow super fast.

“I’ve watched people take this regular women’s vitamin and for some reason, hair grows like crazy,” says celebrity hairstylist Liz Rim.

And the hair-changing vitamin only costs $20! Head to The Daily Vitamin That Will Make Your Hair Grow So Fast to see what the fuss is all about.

6. The secret to effortless, cool girl curls is with a flatiron, ironically.

“It’s called an s-bend, it’s just basically a more natural look than using a curling iron,” says Jon Reyman, the master hairstylist and founder of Spoke & Weal.

We also learned in that same article that when using the flatiron, the higher the heat, the better. “High heat, all the way to the top, I always recommend the highest heat: the hotter it goes, the more reliable it is at setting and staying,” says Reyman.

To learn all the epic tips he gave, head to How to Get Effortless, Cool Girl Curls.

7. It’s time to kick your dry shampoo addiction to the curb, because, turns out, it’s not so great for the scalp actually.

“It goes into your scalp, it builds up, and your scalp can’t breathe,” says Christophe Robin. “You want your scalp to be fresh and to be able to breathe. It’s okay for one night ever so often, because you’ve got a date and have no time to wash your hair, but not for one day and one night, and you continue to put more on.”

Read on for more explanations, and alternatives (shampoo!) with Your Favorite Hair Product Is Actually Bad For You.

8. Cult status French brand Biologique Recherche has a haircare line, and it totally changes your scalp.

The whole exfoliating Biologique line is available in a treatment on the UES in New York at Paul Labrecque Salon. The treatment is meant to restore hair vitality and “exfoliate and regulate sebum on the scalp, and a healthy scalp means healthy hair,” says Frederic Moine, Paul Labrecque Salon’s long-time salon director.

Read on for more and how to DIY at home, with The French, Cult-Fave Face Product You Can Now Use in Your Hair.

9. The solution to dull hair is right at home, in your kitchen.

Shiny, bouncy, clean hair, without a trace of worries and woes, is one treatment away, with a DIY that involves oil. Specifically, argan oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, or even olive oil.

“The only thing that will work to remove residues is a thick oil, you have to push out the sunscreen and gunk,” says Christophe Robin. For the epic hair hack, head to You’re One Product Away From Perfect, Healthy Hair.

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