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Beyond making their clients look flawless, an aesthetician has to practice what they preach when it comes to skincare and testing treatments. An ethereal, lit-from-within glow is practically a job prerequisite—one they don’t take lightly.

An exceptional daily skincare regime is part of the secret, but a weekly face mask is nearly just as important. From hydrating to acne-fighting to exfoliating, the right mask can supercharge your skin into a brilliant, radiant complexion, and usually in 15 minutes or less. We asked six of the most in-demand skincare experts what masks they swear by to discover the under-the-radar masks that are truly effective. From natural solutions to luxe buys, here’s what these estheticians, like Joanna Czech and Shani Darden, put on their skin while binge-watching Netflix at home.

Creme Masque Vernix, Biologique Recherche ($190)

“I love mixing the newly formulated Biologique Recherche Creme VIP O2, $190, into the Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix. Mix the two together in your hand and apply onto the face and neck and a thin layer around the eyes. It gives the skin an incredibly refreshed look. I sleep in it.” — Melanie Simon, esthetician and creator of ZIIP


Mask and Wash ($250)

“I generally do not wash my face in the morning, but I often mask in the morning after my son has left for school and I have a tiny window of time either in the shower or the tub. I love the Max & Me Mask and Wash because it’s a two-in-one product. You can use it to cleanse your skin or leave it on as a mask. It’s both purifying and hydrating and makes my dull skin glow with honey, cacao, and mangosteen.” — Amity Spiegel, esthetician at CAP Beauty

Masque Hydra-Fill ($90)

“This is one of my favorites. It’s formulated with ingredients that target specific parts of your face, creating an all-in-one treatment including: hyaluronic acid to moisturize, vitamin E to protect the skin from harmful rays and free radicals, deep sea water extract to stimulate natural collagen production, tranexamic acid to reduce pigmentation and damage caused by the sun’s UV rays and pollution, carrageenan to create a light hydrating layer on the skin surface, and skinasensyl to increase the skin’s tolerance and to prevent allergic reactions. It’s easy to wear and doesn’t slide off and loops around your ears, making it perfect for multitasking (and for a funny Instagram story).” — Joanna Czech, esthetician

Rapid Response Detox Masque ($64)

“My absolute favorite masks are my Rapid Response Detox Masque and Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, $88.50, especially when used together. These two masks have quickly become some of the best sellers in my line because they address and improve so many skin issues.

“I apply my Triple Berry Smoothing Peel first for 10 minutes to gently exfoliate and remove dull skin cell buildup and discoloration. Then I follow it with my Rapid Response Detox Masque to fight acne breakouts and clogged pores. I leave it on for 20 minutes so it can deeply hydrate and soothe any redness from rosacea or acne scarring.” — Renee Rouleau, esthetician and founder of Renee Rouleau Skincare


Exfoliating Mask ($75)

I use my own Exfoliating Mask, which contains volcanic ash to help pull impurities out of my pores, and it also contains galactoarabinan, which is naturally derived from the larch tree. It causes amazing cell turnover and lightens my sunspots while serving as an anti-inflammatory, so it’s an exfoliating, anti-aging beauty mask. After a good night’s sleep in the mask, you wake up fresh-faced as if you just had a facial.” — Joanna Vargas, esthetician and founder of Joanna Vargas Skincare

Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque ($78)

“I love iS Clinical Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque to soothe and hydrate irritated or dry skin. It has hyaluronic acid to plump the skin with hydration, as well as aloe, which is incredible for soothing skin. It also contains green tea and resveratrol, which are antioxidants that help protect skin and keep it healthy.” — Shani Darden, esthetician and founder of Shani DardenSkincare

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