Published on July 2, 2017

You know that elusive hotel sleep? The one you have when you’re utterly relaxed with the air conditioning cranked up to an absurd level, burrowed under a comfy duvet and—most vitally—in a pitch-black room? Well, to recreate those conditions, all it takes is more A/C than usual (or a fan, if you fancy), some great bedding, and a little window treatment makeover.

Here, the best blackout offerings to block out light and aid in your quest for uninterrupted sleep. Whether you’re jet lagged or lucky enough to have a no-alarm wakeup day tomorrow, blackout curtains will completely change the way you sleep.   

Emily & Merritt Pompom Blackout Drape

, Domino, $119

Designed for PBTeen, this on-trend pompom-adorned window candy will liven up any bedroom (not just a teen’s!). Pair this simple white drape decorated with delicate black pompoms with a gold or silver double rod to update your decor in one fell swoop.  

Marjun Blackout Curtains

, Ikea, $49.99

At $50 per pair, these blackout curtains ensure your sleep won’t be disturbed by the sun when you want to get your rest on. The heavy fabric comes at a nice price, and falls softly and evenly.  

West Elm Blackout Curtains

, West Elm, $29-69

If you’re in the market for just the liner, this wallet-friendly option will not only block light and absorb sound, they’ll also insulate against heat and cold. Plus, it’s designed to layer under any type of curtain, so you can keep the ones you already have and love.  

Webber Blackout Curtain

, Target, $19.99

Target boasts a bevy of colorful, textured options at a nice price, and these jacquard iterations are no exception. At only $20 a piece, you can outfit the room with the most windows most inexpensively.  

Aurora Home Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Curtains,, $39.99

If a simple solid look is what you’re after, these 84-inch thermal curtains are ideal for larger windows. They come in a variety of hues to coordinate with any color scheme.  

Commonwealth Home Fashions Irongate Blackout Curtains

, Bed Bath & Beyond, $49.99

It’s hard to find an opaque white window treatment that does the job, since white reflects light as opposed to absorbing it the way dark shades do, but this one passes the test. It also features a pretty texture to add interest to an otherwise clean white aesthetic.  

Aurora Mix and Match Curtains

,, $76.99

Add romance and a touch of femininity with these four-piece blackout and tulle delights. The combination of tulle lace layered over blackout curtains gives you lots of texture and dimension.  

Blackout Pompom Curtain

, Urban Outfitters, $79-$89

Another pompom option, these received good reviews online and come in five colors. Pair them with this adjustable bronze curtain rod for a feminine effect.