Published on January 16, 2019


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It’s an old trick: Take something that was loved for a while but fell out of fashion. Wait a while, and then slap a new name on it. Suddenly, the item is seen as totally new and exciting.

This play happens frequently in fashion (think of when culottes were known as simply “capris” or better yet, when belt bags were just “fanny packs”), but in the home sphere, it works its magic too. The latest thing to get a rebrand? Beanbag chairs.

That three-word name evokes images of a kid’s bedroom in the ’70s and ’80s, but today, the beanbag chair—now, often dubbed a “lounge chair”—is entirely adult. With luxe upholstery, non-bead filling, and modern silhouettes, these seats have gotten a substantial makeover alongside their name change.

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Their contemporary appeal also makes sense. The primary function of a beanbag chair is to be comfortable, practically enveloping a person in its soft mass. Propped in a corner or arranged alongside a loveseat or armchair, it offers additional seating and brings its own unique sculptural element to the space. Whether you use it as a reading nook or as a spot to simply zone out, it’s sure to make you feel at ease.


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Opt for a leather or velvet finish to make sure your own BBC—beanbag chair, if you will—strikes the right balance of playful and elevated and don’t be afraid to position it by its own side table. After all, with a seating option this comfortable, you’re going to want to have everything you could possibly need within reach.

Shop our top picks below.

With a knit texture and a cute peaked tip, this beanbag chair—filled with recycled materials—is the essence of hygge.

Sumptuous velvet makes this oversize beanbag even more enticing.

Bigger than a pouf but smaller than your typical beanbag chair, this option is ideal for small spaces.

Shaped and hued like a slightly fancier marshmallow Peep, this chair is totally sweet.

Sometimes, the simplest option really is the best, as this all-white pick proves.

Slightly nautical, this navy chair is ideal for a deck or sunroom.

This is not your average black leather chair.

Sure, this beanbag chair is for children, but its whimsical terrazzo design is something adults can appreciate too.

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