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Yes, it’s time to start thinking about this now. We know it feels weird, but embrace it. Let’s talk back-to-school. The studious season will be here soon, and we want to make sure you’re well-supplied when it does. Read on to learn more about our favorite products for students of all ages. 

The desktop organizer.

Enough with the pens at the bottom of your purse. This is the year you keep all desktop tools in one smart, stylish place. 

The pouch. 

Along the same lines, certain items are always in transit with you, and rather than let them roam about your bag, corral them with a cute pouch, and always know where your necessaries are. 

The desk lamp.

Protect your eyes, protect them well. Make sure your workspace is stylishly well-lit. 

The unique-to-you writing utensil. 

Not only are these pencils completely adorable, but you’ll totally be able to tell when someone “borrows” one. 

The notebook. 

What is it about a fresh, new notebook that makes us feel so optimistic? Tuck one of these adorable options in your bag for spur-of-the-moment inspirations. 

The cute catch-all.

Stop mess before it starts. Give yourself space to drop the things you use often as you enter and exit your home. Books, umbrellas, shoes, etc all need a home, and it might as well be a good-looking one. 

The pen case.

Yes, you could use a pouch for this purpose, but there’s something…smart about a real pen case.

A real desk. 

Take your laptop off the dining room table. Setting aside a dedicated work/study space for yourself will inspire levels of productivity you’ve only dreamed of. Strapped for space? There’s a desk for you, too. 

The dock. 

The horror of a bare cord from the wall to your desk. The horror! 

The grown-up case. 

Allow your technology to be as well-dressed as you are.