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When days are at their busiest, keep a pre-packed tote on hand with frequently needed essentials – water bottles, snacks, phone chargers, or anything that you reach for most often.  Never be caught unprepared for a last minute meeting or activity.

Everyone needs a chic pair of wear-everywhere sunglasses in classic tortoiseshell frames.  Back-to-school time means more hours spent in transit, attending school functions, and cheering on Saturday games, so come prepared and protect your tired eyes in style.

A combination of caffeine and antioxidants keeps skin hydrated, firm, and revived.  The scent of mint is refreshing, energizing, and the perfect companion to hand ground coffee beans in this luxurious scrub.  Get one for yourself, and keep a second on hand as the ideal ‘thank you’ or hostess gift.


A calendar hung in common areas keeps everyone on the same page about important events when schedules are at their busiest.

Keep chaos at bay and get organized in style.  Use this chic organizer to wrangle pencils, kids’ crafts, makeup brushes, or even kitchen tools.

Few of us can face a hectic day without first downing a cup of quality coffee.  Eliminate one errand from your daily to-do list and skip the coffee shop – instead, make your own at home with this one-of-a-kind coffee maker that brews the perfect cup in only six minutes.  With a design unlike any other, every machine is handmade and individually tested in the Netherlands.  You may never stand in line for coffee again.

Face early mornings with confidence with this cheeky quote mug.


Never lose an important business card again.  This chic organizer will keep them organized in a style that only Kate Spade can offer.

When your to do list is at its longest and most of your time will be spent in transit, this adorable portable Bluetooth speaker allows you to take the music with you, no matter where you’re headed.

Tame that pile of mail!  Having a dedicated place to set mail and paperwork is key to taming the mess – especially when entering the house with full hands at the end of a long day.

Everyone loves a good grilled cheese, adults and kids alike.  Plus, they’re super versatile and depending on how you stuff them, can serve as an after school snack or a light supper on the fly. This display-worthy book features 39 mouthwatering recipes for nailing the perfect grilled cheese sandwich every time.


The French Press has a long-standing tradition of brewing the best cup of full-bodied coffee.  Start your day well caffeinated and in style with this chic ceramic version that guarantees to maintain the perfect temperature throughout the brewing process.

Don’t let the name fool you – this all-purpose throw is the perfect weight for tucking into a tote for evening football games and other cool weather activities.  Made with 100% Turkish cotton, it’s also machine washable, dryable, incredibly soft to the touch, and surprisingly lightweight.

When cool weather strikes, keep dry lips smooth and hydrated with this exfoliating scrub packed full of organic shea butter, sugar, and olive oil.

There’s no simpler way to corral scarves, coats, belts, and hats.  Pop this chic hook over the door, and you have an instant storage solution for all – zero installation required.


Treat tired eyes with this refreshing blend of botanicals that promises to lighten dark circles and brighten the eye area, making it easy to fake your way to ‘refreshed’ no matter how hectic your schedule.

Back to school time is taxing, and you’ll crave a little unwinding time at the end of the day.  This glamorous cocktail blend of lychees, strawberries, and rose extract is the perfect way to sip away stress.  Simply mix in a little vodka or gin and serve over plenty of ice for instant cocktail bliss.

If you prefer yours shaken (not stirred) a chic cocktail shaker is a must.

Come fall, every bag needs a travel-sized tube of rich hand cream.  This scent is rich with gardenia, coconut, and citrus, and packs rich oils to keep skin hydrated in any weather.


Keep them hydrated and hunger-free on the go with this extra large tote – perfect for keeping drinks and snacks fresh, and helps everyone avoid fast food traps, too.

Keep desks organized at home and the office.  This clever deskbar is small is size, but big in storage solutions.  Stash your phone, watch, loose change, jewelry, glasses, keys, pens, or any loose items that need a home.

With an infusion carafe, keep healthy fruit or herb infused water ready to drink, and avoid the temptation of sugary beverages when on the go.  Kids will love the fresh and fruity taste, too!

When guests stop by unexpectedly, a storage ottoman can stash clutter in an instant.  It’s also a great solution for keeping toys, coloring books, and other distractions out of site during homework time.


Scrub stress away with this rose and bergamot scented sea polish salt scrub that promises to leave skin baby smooth and perfectly hydrated.

Once back to school time hits, chances are you’ll spend a lot of time attending football games, after school practice, meetings, and parties.  This trunk organizer and cooler keeps sports equipment organized and snacks at the perfect temp until ready.

Take the edge off after a long day with this lusciously scented candle that converts to a cocktail glass when burned down. Love that!

Don’t marshmallows just make everything better?  When they’re as decadent as these – made with rich caramel and Fleur de Sel sea salt – they can brighten your mood on any day.  These treats are a total must-have for soothing back-to-school stress.


Things will break.  Don’t get caught unprepared.  Having a tool kit on hand is the first step to avoiding disaster.  Having a few Youtube tutorials within reach can’t hurt, either.

Fall ushers in the start of cool weather, and that can mean dull, dry skin.  Keep skin hydrated and luminous with this luxurious certified organic cleansing oil.

Keep a chic all-weather scarf on hand to instantly accessorize a boring outfit, or wrap around shoulders when the weather turns cool.  A lightweight material will compact well fitting easily into any bag, and a neutral color like this lovely blush compliments any attire.

Having a chic place to hang clothing, towels, scarves, and small accessories is key to keeping clutter in check and off the floor.  Hang in a bedroom, mudroom, or bathroom for instant storage that doubles as decor.


When you don’t have time to cold brew your own coffee (and who does?) this variety pack will keep you well caffeinated minus the work.  And this is not your average joe – these brews are made by a national award winning husband and wife team with 15 years of barista experience.

Organization is key to a life less stressed.  When all else fails, a pen-to-paper journal is sure to keep chaos in check.