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Let’s be honest: Life feels scary right now. Whether you’re stressing about the upcoming presidential election, the ongoing pandemic, or something else entirely, odds are you are feeling the tension. While many things may seem out of our control, one isn’t: our mental health. And luckily, a few minutes is all it takes to improve it. 

According to a new study from Scientific Reports, “Short relaxation techniques can activate your body’s regenerative system for offsetting stress.” Specifically, researchers found decreased levels after just 10 minutes of restful practices, like a head and neck massage. Another reason to adopt this habit: Stress has been proven to decrease productivity. Taking time for yourself ultimately results in working more effectively. 

Lowering your stress levels isn’t a one-strategy-fits-all approach. If you’re an aromatherapy believer, perhaps lighting a scented candle is the best way to unwind (we’re big fans of Follain’s white tea and lavender option). Or maybe reading a chapter of a great book, keeping a gratitude journal, or doing a 10-minute yoga session is the way to go (contrary to popular belief, chic mats do exist). Hit that reset button, then onto tackling the world.

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