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Black painted home and wooden front porch surrounded by green, leafy trees in the woods

Color Complements All the Wood Details in This ’70s Home Turned Modern Cabin

Including a green-stained floor.

trytych windows

From the Utensil Rack to the Tub, All That’s New in This Home Is Meant to Look Old

“I never want anything to scream ‘shiny.’”

view into dining nook from hallway

Covered in Mirrors, This Home’s Structural Column Is a Statement, Not a Hindrance

Let there be light...in every direction.

painted fireplace mantel

Even the Open Kitchen Shelving in This Textile Designer’s Home Is Patterned

And that’s just one smart use of scrap fabric.

Vintage Wood Bookcase with Dog and Shag Rug in Wooded Ceiling Home

A Plaster Staircase Masquerades as Kitchen Storage in This Serene Seaside French Home

Although the family’s favorite place to gather is the garden.

Elevated Roof with Windows in Kitchen

A Stone Farmhouse, Civil War–Era Addition, and Stucco New Build Come Together in the Hudson Valley

“There isn’t a sense of departure; it’s just a continuation of spaces.”

woman sitting in chair

A Breezy Courtyard Was the Draw for This First-Time Homeowner—A Black Kitchen Came Next

She considers her Venice home her “first solo art project.”

open accordion door

This Sonoma Retreat Is Designed for Bicycling (and Wine Drinking and Bocce)

The ultimate hobbyist’s getaway.

red house exterior

The Windowless Kitchen in This Traditional London Home Holds a Colorful Surprise

Nearby, a green marble dining table can host three generations.

A Vintage eBay Score Gave This Old Cottage the Perfect Lived-In Feel

A Vintage eBay Score Gave This Old Cottage the Perfect Lived-In Feel

Plus the cozy peach dining nook is perfect for game night.

Even the Kitchen Island in This L.A. Artist’s Home Is Covered in Her Signature Waves

Even the Kitchen Island in This L.A. Artist’s Home Is Covered in Her Signature Waves

There’s something almost addictive about them.

modern two story living room

18 Acres of Solitude and 1980s Charm Drew These Former New Yorkers to Connecticut

They learned to appreciate their stainless steel counters.

blue kitchen cabinets

Playful Touches (Scalloped Stone! Rhubarb Shelves!) Grace Every Room in This English Home

Things start off strong with a sunny yellow entry.

Couple standing outside their blue barn door

At This Montecito Ranch House, a Garage Door Gives New Meaning to the Term “Open Kitchen”

Easy, breezy, and oh so beautiful.

black stairs

Animal Prints Blend Right Into This Scottish Designer’s Secret Garden–Like Home

Fringed lighting and painted screens complete the scene.

ourdoor dining tbale

A Massive Pink Velvet Sofa Is the Heart of This French Creative’s 1956 L.A. Home

She wasn’t supposed to be shopping when she found it.

Salad Freak author Jessie Damuck in an orange sweater

At This L.A. Craftsman, a Self-Proclaimed Salad Freak’s Kitchen Leads Right to the Garden

Yes, there’s lettuce on demand.

dog on chair

These First-Time Homeowners Looked at 30 Places Before Landing on This Former Garage in Philadelphia

Their chic yet durable furniture is Dalmatian-approved and baby-proof.