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wood a-frame in the woods

None of the Most Affordable Cities for Outdoor Lovers Are on a Coast

Midwesterners, this one’s for you.

In These States, Having a Big Pristine Garden Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Three tips to help yours thrive.

Gen-Zers Are Indeed Buying Houses in the City Predicted to Be Most Popular in 2022

The experts called it; young home buyers listened.

2 Real-Estate Experts Reveal How Sellers Can Stand Out as Inventory Starts to Spike

List on this day of the week, to start.

The Secret to Selling Your Home Faster? Sustainability—Yes, Really

Plus buyers are willing to pay up to 3 percent more.

These 4 Renovations Have the Biggest Perceived ROI

This upgrade is thought to boost your listing by $27,000.

The Most Popular House Listings Last Week All Share This Controversial Design Style

Here’s the right way to nail the aesthetic.

Playing These Songs During an Open House Will Sell Your Home Faster

No, really—Fleetwood Mac makes the list.

The Best Cities for Renters, Whether You Prioritize Nature, Your Job, or Your Budget

What do you value the most?

Even in a Seller’s Market, There’s Still a Best Time of Year to List Your Home

Four ways to appeal to buyers even more.

Home Buyers Are Willing to Pay More for Kitchens With These Features

An easy-to-clean countertop is a selling point.

These Are the 5 Cities Where Rent Growth Is (Finally) Slowing Down

The end is in sight for crazy lease terms.

How a ’60s Doctor’s Office Became Our Unconventional Dream Project

Can a building be fate?

66% of Women Reject This Home-Buying Norm

A 20-something’s advice on how she bucked the trend.

Rent Prices Are Increasing Like Crazy, and Harvard Researchers Figured Out Why

Hint: It’s not all supply.

The 3 Hardest to Find (But Easiest to DIY) Home Features When You’re House Hunting

We’re not talking about an open floor plan.

According to Zillow, All Signs Point to This City Being Most Popular in 2022

Here, increasing home values meet low interest rates.

A Pool Doesn’t Have a Good Return on Investment, But These 3 Yard Updates Do

One simple task puts $1,200 back in your pocket.

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