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The 3 Hardest to Find (But Easiest to DIY) Home Features When You’re House Hunting

The 3 Hardest to Find (But Easiest to DIY) Home Features When You’re House Hunting

We’re not talking about an open floor plan.

According to Zillow, All Signs Point to This City Being Most Popular in 2022

Here, increasing home values meet low interest rates.

A Pool Doesn’t Have a Good Return on Investment, But These 3 Yard Updates Do

One simple task puts $1,200 back in your pocket.

Winter Home Sellers: Spotlight This Feature in Your Listing (If You Have It)

Better than a crackling fireplace.

Why Now Isn’t a Good Time to Buy a Starter Home

And what to do with your rental in the meantime.

In This City, You Can Save $400K by Downsizing From 4 Bedrooms to 2

That’s twice as much as most metro areas.

The Costs of Buying a Home You’re Probably Forgetting to Budget For

We’re talking an extra $500 a month.

65% of Home Buyers Are Shopping for Places With This Flex Space

Here’s how you can re-create it on your own.

This Couple Budgeted $215K for a Down Payment and a Wedding—Here’s How They Divvied It Up

Without feeling like they gave up everything.

This Is the Best Day of 2021 to List Your Home If You Want Over Asking Price

And it will help you sell it faster.

You Could Save a Cool $3M by Buying a Beach House Here Instead of Malibu

And we’ll show you how to decorate it, too.

Nearly Half of Buyers Say They’d Skip This Once Crucial House-Hunting Step

Here are three tips for taking a leap of faith.

These U.S. Cities Have the Most Homes With Reno Potential

Including the best place to find your dream prewar.

This State Has the Best Deals for Bigger, Better Luxury Rentals

Birds migrate south for the winter—you can, too.

This Is the Best Time to Sell a House—How to Get Yours Ready

Three easy projects to bring your home’s value way up.

This Is How Much a House on the Moon Will Cost

Four creatives share their lunar decorating ideas.

One-Bedroom Apartments Are Cheaper Than Studios (!) in These Cities

Things really are bigger in Texas.

The Most Livable Suburbs Can Be the Most Affordable, Too

Low crime, high value, and deals to offer.

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