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As dog lovers who are always swimming in a sea of trendy gear, we’re regularly sniffing around for reliable, stylish pet products and wearable accessories—ones we wouldn’t mind showing off at the park or leaving out around the house. Our list of trusty favorites spans the best dog beds with compliment-demanding designs, indestructible toys that keep the most high-energy breeds entertained, and elevated food bowls that are anything but an eyesore. If you’ve been on the hunt for clever, cool, or crowd-pleasing pup products, then dig through the list of dog supplies, below, picked by our team of discerning Domino editors.

Our Favorite Dog Supplies

The Compliment-Winning Dog Bed: Design Dua Bear Dog Bed

Bear Dog Bed, Design Dua ($163 was $179)

If you’re looking for a dog bed your houseguests will envy, the buck stops here. Domino’s shopping director, Liz Buxton, swears by Design Dua’s chic basket bed as a pup-approved compliment magnet. “I wish I could curl up in this thing,” Buxton jokes in reference to the “incredibly soft and cozy” sherpa-cushion insert. The artful exterior is handwoven from elephant grass in a contrasting cross-weave pattern. “My dog likes to snuggle, and this bed allows just that without sacrificing aesthetics,” she adds.

The Pup Perfume: DOG by Dr Lisa Calm Cologne

DOG Calm Cologne, DOG by Dr. Lisa ($30)

Founded by a veterinarian, Dr Lisa, this brand utilizes incredibly pup-friendly ingredients in all of its products—including this cologne. A favorite of Domino’s assistant editor, Raven McMillan, the calming scent is infused with lavender and other essential oils that are 100% plant based, vegan, and biodegradable. While spritzing your dog with perfume isn’t a recommended practice, Dr Lisa’s colognes are safely formulated as a “happy medium between your dog’s fragrance preference and yours,” utilizing ingredients that moisturize their skin and coat while reducing the infamous dreaded dog smell. “I really love using it on the days in between grooming sessions—my pup Banksy gets a nice spritz after a long walk, or I’ll mist her bed after laundry day. The soothing scent of lavender and chamomile feels like a little spa moment for both of us,” McMillan says.

The Trendy Harness: Wild One Harness

Harness in Orchid, Wild One ($48)

In a world teeming with trend-forward dog supplies, the Wild One harness has carved out a space for itself as a fashionista status symbol—but in a very adorable way. It comes in two sizes and all kinds of pigmented colors—lilac, green, navy, blush, lime, strawberry—so dogs big and small can sport their (or, rather, their owner’s) chosen hue. These resilient harnesses don’t waiver with force either; they’re highly durable and lightweight, which we found to be practical for puppy training. Rest assured that pups that alarmingly slide their bodies out of everything on park runs can be secure and comfortable in this with its adjustable chest.

The Indestructible Chew Toy: Chewy Dragon Chew-Guard Squeaky Toy by GoDog

Dragon Chew-Guard Squeaky Toy by GoDog, Chewy ($15 was $21)

Buxton—along with nearly 400 5-star Chewy reviewers—can’t get enough of these little dragons. “I own a whole collection of them,” she admits. “They’re the only plush toys I’ve found that can survive my 18-pound border collie mix’s tiny dagger teeth.” The soft exterior is reinforced using GoDog’s patented Chew Guard technology, which is essentially a durable inner layer built to withstand the most overzealous chewers. “The best part is the protected squeaker,” Buxton shares. “My pup, Arlo, is known to eviscerate a squeaker within minutes, but these dinos are tough as nails.”

The Design-Crowd-Pleaser Dog Bed: Minna Ziggy Dog Bed

Ziggy Dog Bed, Minna ($275)

Finding a dog bed you love for any size breed can be a challenge, but for Domino’s former photo assistant, Luca Seixas, they were tasked with finding one sizable and stylish enough to fit their 50-pound pit bull–Lab mix, Gaia. This dog bed from Minna, handwoven in Guatemala, is basically a piece of art for the floor. The brightly striped fabric brings a sense of fun to their space, and when it’s time for a routine cleaning, it can be thrown in the wash.

The Keep ’Em Busy Toy: Chewy Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Toy by Starmark

Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Toy by Starmark, Chewy ($14 was $23)

Ever work from home with a new puppy in the mix? Domino’s art director, Kim Gray, has, and it’s all eyes on them or else they’ll find something to destroy out of boredom. She took a chance on this nifty toy that allows you to fill it up with treats and kibble before it bobs and tilts on a weighted, anti-slip base, releasing its prizes over time. Her Boston terrier would take to it for hours every week. “I’d fill it up with favorite treats and get guaranteed some quiet time as my puppy solved the puzzle of how to release them,” says Gray.

The Very Extra Headrest: Avocado Organic Dog Bolster Pillow

Organic Dog Bolster Pillow in Salmon Pink, Avocado ($49)

Add this to the top of our list of very extra dog supplies we didn’t know we needed—and now cannot live without. It’s another favorite of Buxton’s border-collie mix, Arlo, who loves to rest her head on any elevated surface. “You wouldn’t think of a dog bolster as a practical pet purchase, but let me tell you this thing gets a lot of use,” she shares, elaborating that the 100% cotton-canvas, anti-odor, and firm-contouring cushion gets carried from room to room for Arlo’s chin-cradling comfort. “I love knowing her tiny little head is comfy and supported.”

The Shampoo That’s Nicer Than Yours: Ouai Fur Bébé Pet Shampoo


Does your dog have nicer hair than you? If yes, then chances are he or she is an avid fan of Ouai’s Fur Bébé shampoo. Formulated with pup-safe ingredients such as vegetable protein, aloe vera, and rambutan seed extract, the cleanser adds both noticeable shine and touchably soft hydration to your pup’s coat. Another added bonus, according to Domino’s photo director, Linda Denahan, is the scent—a luxe blend of Italian lemon, Turkish rose, jasmine sambac, iris, lily, and white musk—which leaves her doggo (and entire bathroom) smelling “amazing!” Ooh-la-la.

The Dog-Optional Tote: Love Thy Beast Waxed Canvas Pet Tote

Waxed Canvas Pet Tote, Love Thy Beast ($270)

“I’m such a huge fan of the look of this canvas tote that I use it as my own bag with or without Gertie, my pup,” says Domino’s design director, Brit Ashcraft, of her Love Thy Beast carrier. This utilitarian piece comes in medium and large sizes with a water-repellent exterior (in case the two of you get stuck in the rain) and is double topstitched for extra durability. Plus it’s equipped with two outside pockets and a collar-to-leash attachment. Your canine can rest its head on the scoop and cruise along for the ride from errand to errand. “It may have been a bit of a splurge,” Ashcraft says with zero regrets, “but when utterly blinded with puppy love, I cannot be held accountable for what I purchase.”

The Dual-Purpose Crate: Fable Crate

Crate, Fable ($395)

Sleek wood, curved edges, and a Lucite front gate? There’s a lot to like about this impressive design, but the biggest takeaway from this crate, which usually takes up a lot of real estate for just one (important) use, is that it can double as a side table and blend right in with any decor style. It comes in two sizes to fit nearly every breed, from a dachshund to an Airedale, and we love that the see-through cutouts on the sides and back are above a dog’s eye level, so a pup can snooze in peace without distraction in its own little cocoon.

The Elevated Dog Bowl: Waggo Bowl and Stand

Elevated Feeder, Waggo ($19 was $22)

Almost like a plant stand, Waggo’s raisers not only physically elevate pet bowls, they add flair, explains Domino’s style editor, Julia Stevens, who previously lived with Jack, a coonhound. Adding a few inches of height will keep messes on your kitchen floor or wherever your pup laps up water to a minimum, and it will be all the more comfortable when it leans in for dinnertime.

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