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So you got invited to a dinner party. ‘Tis the season, after all. Your next move is to ask the host: “What can I bring?” Real talk, they’ll probably say wine, but a truly gracious guest brings something that outlives the short duration of the event. Something that makes waking up to a pile of dishes the next morning feel a little more worth it. 

Step away from the scented candles, which are nice but not exactly personal. Instead reach for something for their pantry that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, like this cutely packaged olive oil that’s all over Instagram. Or maybe it’s a tabletop accessory that encourages them to have you over again, like a block-printed napkin set. And you can’t go wrong with a book to add to their library—we recommend writing a note on the inside of the cover for a personal touch. Consider your invitation back secured.

For Their Pantry

For Their Next Dinner Party

For Their Library

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