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Swathed in every shade of the rainbow, Angela Chrusciaki Blehm admits her Gainesville, Georgia, home feels festive all year long. But come December, she really piles on the cheer. “The more colors there are, the happier and more like Christmas it looks,” says the artist, decorator, and mom of three. Rather than rely on traditional green and red, Blehm’s holiday palette pulls from the colors of her walls (and the artwork hanging on them). And instead of tinsel and twinkly lights, she decks the hall with ribbons…lots of them. 

For years, Blehm has dressed up her family’s tree in boldly hued bows—a subtle nod to her signature graphic wood wall sculptures. But this season, she decided to take things beyond the Douglas fir. Her front door, fireplace mantel, staircase, and dining room chandelier are decked in silky smooth streamers. “I like a theme,” she says with a laugh.  

The Cheery Chandelier

Blehm made her already chic dining room light fixture even cooler by swathing it in a rainbow of satin ribbons, a handful of which hold lightweight disco ball ornaments. She sourced the former through MayArts.com, scooping up a variety of hues, widths, and textures; the latter was a bulk Target score from a few years back. Not wanting the knots around the arms to be a distraction, she flipped them to the underside and pushed all the strands closely together. “I stepped back a couple of times to make sure I was incorporating all the colors in a nice, even application,” she shares. Blehm was also cautious about the length, leaving vertical room to display her crowd-pleasing apple cinnamon muffins on Christmas morning. 

The Front-Door Fete

Turns out, supersize versions of classic red bows make for great exterior decor. The pair Blehm picked up from her local Lowe’s has wires on the back, so it was a breeze to attach them to her lanterns. The urns also got a glow-up with extra-large disco balls from Amazon, topped with—what else?—pools of ribbon. “Our house is up on a hill, so you can really see them from the street,” she says. 

The Synchronized Stockings

It doesn’t feel like the holidays in Blehm’s household until the mantel is complete. The artist decided to pare things back by sticking with analogous colors: Baby blue ribbons nod to the navy stockings, while the pale pink Anthropologie garland plays nicely with the plum lines on the Stuck on Hue stockings (not to mention the wall paint). 

The Streamlined Stair Scheme

Because the stairs are situated directly across from the dining table, Blehm went subtle with another tonal arrangement. From the tops of her artificial Crate & Barrel wreaths, she draped thick strands of pink and red ribbons, plus a skinny piece in bright orange. “It’s a little more sophisticated than if I had done all the colors everywhere,” she explains. We’re officially dreaming of a ROYGBIV Christmas.

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