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The moment summer rolls around, we find ourselves obsessing over the idea of infusing our homes with a bright dose of color and perhaps even a little pattern to boot. We’re not talking about a total overhaul or a dramatic and costly change but rather simple swaps with high-impact results. Cue the hue that will help you do just that: yellow.

Decorating with such a powerful shade can be tricky and seamlessly integrating it within your existing decor, even more so. With that, we took it upon ourselves to source the decorative accent pieces that embrace yellow in all its glory. Here’s what we found.

For the brunch table

Ombré Juice Glasses, MoMA ($16)

The subtle ombre of this ridged glass promises to lend a bold note to any setting.

For the entry

Hello Coat Rack, Gessato ($59)

A style-focused storage solution with a built-in greeting is pretty hard to top.

For the drab and colorless sofa

Essential Honey Square Pillow Cover, Burrow ($39)

An accent piece that has the decorative power to elevate even the snooziest (read outdated) furnishings.

For all your summer florals

Rope Vase, BZippy ($300)

Finally, a vessel truly worthy of your prized, garden-fresh hydrangeas.

For the coffee table

Wallpaper* City Guide Florence ($8)

A bright pop of color that will also induce a touch of wanderlust.

For the bookshelf

Vesta, Concrete Cat ($240)

This ultra-cool vessel can also double as a bookend, and we’re all about it.

For the living room

Madda Chairs, Michael Felix ($3,500)

Yes, they are a splurge. Yes, they’re super loud and vibrant. And no, we can’t imagine our lives without them.

For the bedroom

Suzanne Yellow Rug, Aelfie ($295)

This cozy landing pad redefines effortless cool by combining classic stripes with bold marigold.

For the stovetop

DANSK Two-Handed Pot ($163)

Weeknight dinners suddenly become less of a chore, thanks to this cheery take on the culinary staple.

For the gallery wall

Abstract Layers 1, Minted

Consider this the missing piece to your budding art collection.

For the dining room

Alessi Folding Chair ($162)

Never has a folding chair looked this good—its vibrant hue and streamlined form make this a standout from its usually boring brethren.

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