Published on February 6, 2019

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“I’m a Gemini. I can feel equally strong and passionate about a few things at once,” Erica Feldmann says to me over the phone. The passions she’s referencing are two things that seem, to some, to exist in wholly separate universes: witchcraft and interior design. To Feldmann, though, they’re a perfectly aligned match—and one might even say they’re magical.

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courtesy of Erica Feldmann

Feldmann is the proprietor of HausWitch, a boutique shop located right in the downtown of Salem, Massachusetts. Over the past few years, the shop—flooded with natural light on a sunny day, draped in long, hanging plants, and filled with spell kits, Tarot decks, and throw pillows—has grown, and now, its owner is making her own home design philosophies more accessible in her new book, HausMagick: Transform Your Home With Witchcraft, which is out February 12.

First, let’s set one thing straight: The witchcraft that Feldmann references has nothing to do with devil worship, so if you expected to find any similarities here to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you won’t. “Anyone can practice these techniques,” she says. Feldmann’s magic is about using nature, astrology, and ritual to make your home both look and feel its best. A modern witch’s home, after all, isn’t the dark, gothic grotto you might have thought it was.

Another thing about witchcraft—it’s more accessible than you might think. A protection ritual, an energetic clearing, and even the addition of a crystal or two are low-budget ways to improve your home. “I was always drawn to the occult and the esoteric and the witchier side of life,” Feldmann explains. “And I cared about creating spaces that look and feel great. Through witchcraft, I work with resources that aren’t necessarily money to make over a space.” The magic touch, after all, can go a long way.

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courtesy of Erica Feldmann

So how exactly can a healthy dose of witchcraft improve your space? Below, Feldmann shares her best tips.

Look to Your Star Chart

Your sun sign—the one you can easily deduce just by looking at your birthday—isn’t the only astrological sign you can take into consideration when decorating your space. “Look up your moon sign,” Feldmann advises. “Your moon side is your emotional side, and alot of people relate it back to feelings of being nurtured.”

One section of HausMagick dives into how each different moon sign relates to their space. For example, showy Leo moons will most likely want their home to be perfectly equipped for entertaining, while travel-loving Sagittarius moons will want to display their souvenirs wherever possible. I’m a luxury-loving Taurus sun with a homebody Pisces moon, and to me, I admit to fellow Pisces moon Feldmann that this makes a lot of sense. “Astrology’s a great way to tap into the personality traits that tell you a lot about what you need in your space,” she notes.

Work Some KonMari Magic

This will sound familiar: The things in your home should spark joy. “The number one thing is to really figure out how you want your space to feel,” Feldmann says. “That’s 100 percent free to do. You don’t have to be Marie Kondo to do it.”

Before you change anything in your space, it’s important to take a few considerations that will help you to hone in on what you really need. Feldmann recommends asking, “What do you need from your home for it to be a healing space? Do a little bit of work up front to figure out what works in the space.” In witchcraft, and in all lifestyles, it’s important to stay in touch with how your surroundings make you feel, but a little ritual can sometimes be helpful in figuring out what exactly it is that you feel.

Let the Light In

The stereotype regarding witchy homes that you’ve likely been confronted with before involves some sort of woodland grotto or a Gothic manor or a somewhat spooky space. Feldmann, however, feels differently. “Natural light, big windows—that’s what I’m into and I’m very much a witch,” she laughs.

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courtesy of Erica Feldmann

Of course, natural light can be hard to come by, depending on your windows, the season, and the time of day, so Feldmann recommends a single key tip for keeping your space light and bright. “Buy more lamps!” she says. “Most people who rent don’t think about lamps—they just use their overhead lights. What I found when I’m decorating for clients, I’m always bringing in all-new lighting. That’s so important for creating a mood.”

Add Some Extra Protection

Crucial in witchcraft is the idea of protection—a type of spell that can be as simple as burning some sustainably sourced Palo Santo or adding the right crystal. In your home, after all, a little extra protection can go a long way.

“A lot of people rely on their home space as a refuge. When you’re home, you should be able to feel your most vulnerable and your most relaxed,” Feldmann says. “In my home, I clear out any negative energy—a simple salt circle or a potion you can rub on your doors and windows works great.”

Get Personal

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courtesy of Erica Feldmann

When it comes down to it, your home should speak to your own tastes and your own needs, and through a couple witchy techniques, you can create a space that feels totally you. Whether that means doing a spiritual cleansing once a month, using houseplants to create a sense of balance, or getting in touch with all aspects of your astrological chart, every step you take can transform your space in an affordable yet impactful way, as long as you hone in on what feels best for you.

“I hope readers feel empowered to make any of these changes to their space,” Feldmann says. “I would never want to write a spell or suggest a tool that wasn’t easily accessible. I want people to feel empowered and not like they have to hire an outside decorator—or an outside witch.”

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