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The uncertainty and chaos of 2020 has left many of us exhausted, deflated, and yearning for an indulgence of sorts. But this unprecedented moment has also meant we’ve had time to turn our focus inward. We’ve turned our homes into long-term wellness spaces, we’ve figured out ways to de-stress, and we’ve treated ourselves to little luxuries that make each day, no matter how monotonous it may seem, feel special.

The 10 wellness-minded gift ideas, below, maintain that sentiment—whether shopping for a friend, a family member, or even yourself, these treats have the ability to reground, rebalance, and uplift this holiday season. Because home shouldn’t just be your safe space, it should be somewhere that transforms you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

For the One Who Always Smells Good

Whether they’re seeking a moment of peace or trying to find balance within their day, the need to step away and reboot has been heightened by this year’s antics, and the Nue Co.’s anti-stress Functional Fragrance is meant to help alter one’s emotional state. A mix of green cardamom, iris, palo santo, and cilantro, the supplement uses the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system to de-stress mind, body, and soul.

Functional Fragrance 10ml, The Nue Co. ($30)

For the Self-Proclaimed Couch Potato

They find comfort in what brings them warmth, function, and stability. Made from the fluffiest sheepskin, EMU Australia’s Mayberry sliders keeps even the coldest of feet warm all day long. Plus we could all use an excuse to add a (padded) touch to our work-from-home uniform.

Mayberry Frost Fluffy Sheepskin Slider Slipper, EMU Australia ($60)

For the One Who Says They Look Best With a Soft Glow

Is there anything more therapeutic than lighting a candle, sitting back, and allowing the fragrance to take over. Self-described as an experience that’s at once transcendent and grounding, the new Cosmic Candle from Supernal is a feast for the senses. The scent is a blend of vibrant lemon, sweet bergamot, smoked cedarwood, and fresh pine, making it ideal for colder months—or anytime really.

Cosmic Candle, Supernal ($56)

For the One Who Knows Health Is Wealth

If they take their health seriously—and they should—they deserve a duo that doesn’t compromise on efficacy and quality. Whether it’s strengthening their immune system or increasing vital vitamins and minerals in their diet, the Nue Co.’s Boost Immunity is bundled with benefits from antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that support and strengthen the nervous system and immune function.

Boost Immunity, The Nue Co. ($60)

For the It’s-All-in-the-Details Decorator

The best pieces are inherent conversation starters. With each pattern exploring a different narrative—this one inspired by a flowering winter bloom—the Ortigia Sicilia Florio glass plate and soap set is unique in design and rooted in heritage. Give them something they’ll want to show off. It will complement any interior, guaranteed.

Florio Glass Plate & Soap Box, Ortigia Sicilia ($30)

For the One Who Wants to Hibernate for the Next Six Months

Nothing says “I see you” like the gift of a relaxing evening. Encourage them to unwind after a long day’s work with a plush Mushroom Magic throw blanket, which is perfect for all of the falls and winters to come. It’s soft, warm, and made from 100 percent recycled cotton—forager or not, it will add just the right amount of woodsy enchantment to their space.

Mushroom Magic Throw Blanket, Valley Cruise Press ($125)

For the One Who’s Low-Maintenance but Wants Big Results

This is for those who don’t cut corners when it comes to skin care. Formulated with a complex blend of AHAs, hyaluronic acid, and the unsung hero tiger grass, the Nue Co.’s Topical Skincare set features The Pill, the brand’s powerful all-in-one serum, alongside a limited-edition gua sha tool. Give them all the benefits without a multistep routine—this pairing will transform their complexion by improving product penetration and deliver direct and visible results.

Topical Skincare Set, The Nue Co. ($127)

For the Morning Person

Hand-pottered with its own unique cuts and curves, the Mug by East Fork is practical and looks good. Whether they prefer coffee, tea, or just water with lemon, this will be the only mug they’ll reach for each day. It’s sure to become a staple of their morning routine—and on their kitchen shelf.

The Mug, East Fork ($36)

For the Leader, Not the Follower

If you’re going to give them something for their wardrobe, it deserves to be a piece that speaks to their individuality; this Alex Mill hand-dyed cashmere sweater is unique in narrative, style, and finish. Designed in collaboration with a New York–based dye artist, the pullover is rich in color and sentiment. Plus no two are exactly alike.

The Hand Dyed Project: Cashmere Sweater, Alex Mill ($295)

For the One Who’s Always Tired

Because we all deserve a good night’s sleep, and we often can’t get there without a thorough routine. Skin cleanser, hand cream, lip balm, a good book—cap things off with the Nue Co.’s Relieve Some Pressure set, comprised of the brand’s Magnesium Ease Spray and Sleep Drops to help them drift off seamlessly. Multitaskers will love how the products tackle stress and sleep issues from the inside out. Together, the mix of natural ingredients is meant to calm and repair the central nervous system and reduce muscle tension.

Relieve Some Pressure, The Nue Co. ($93)
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