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Look up: What you see is probably more boring than it deserves to be. Chances are your ceiling is plain and all white, or, if you’re a bit more adventurous, maybe it’s a solid color—but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we’re convinced you should put wallpaper on your ceiling.

Maybe you’re intimidated by the prospect of pattern right above you or you’re not sure if a bit of upside down florals is quite right for your space—fair enough! That’s why we’ve gathered plenty of inspiration to help you figure out not only what kind of wallpaper your heart desires, but also how to make it flow with the rest of your interior. After all, this look isn’t just reserved for the maximalists among us.

Whether you go crazy for floral print (groundbreaking, right?) or you want to look into some subtler options, we’ve got your back. Virtually any space can look even cooler with some wallpaper on the ceiling. You might even feel compelled to add it to every single room.

If you like things simple…with a twist

If this Nashville office didn’t feature the bright pink floral wallpaper that makes it so special, it would be a pretty toned-down interior. All-white shelving and cabinets present a blank canvas, so you can truly go all out on a definitively loud wallpaper. If you’re adding this wallpaper in a kitchen, make sure your tile or countertop doesn’t compete with the pattern.

If you’re all about a retro vibe

There’s something timelessly cool about a banana leaf wallpaper, but you don’t have to apply it for wall-to-wall coverage. In this entryway by Crystal Sinclair, it brightens up a boho-minimalist design and makes the space look even bigger. Consider this proof that large-scale patterns fare well in small spaces.

If you live for the drama

There’s no need to tone down the rest of your space if you want to add a print to your ceilings, as artist Angela Chrusciaki Blehm proves in her Georgia home. Ultra-simple dash wallpaper looks coy paired with lipstick-red walls. Since this living room is rife with plenty of dramatic colors, a toned-down, black-and-white ceiling makes sense. It also ties together the graphic elements that fill the space.

If you like a gilded touch

Business on the bottom, party on top: That’s how we feel about this interior by Bohemian Bungalow Design. Shades of gray (on the walls and upholstery) make for a pretty neutral space, but graphic, golden wallpaper and a contemporary lighting fixture are this room’s literal crowning glory. Consider this an easy way to amp things up in a low-key space.

If you’re a big Wes Anderson fan

This living room by Corey Damen Jenkens looks like it’s straight out of The Royal Tenenbaums. A relatively simple color palette of pink and green appears even richer when several hues within that palette are represented. This small-scale floral wallpaper truly brings everything together: the light pink walls, the dark green sofa, and the watermelon pink accents.

If you’re intent on creating a soothing oasis

Minimalists can have patterned ceilings, too! Rebel Walls shows here that its grayscale cloud-and-cherub wallpaper adds much-needed dimension to an otherwise all-neutral room. You don’t have to overthink this one.

If you’re not afraid of a little allover pattern

GB, London, Apartment Filippo, Architekten: SAF Studio Alexander Fehre, Fertigstellung: 2015,mention of copyright, complimentary copy, FUER WERBENUTZUNG RUECKSPRACHE ERFORDERLICH!/ PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR ADVERTISING! courtesy of studio alexander fehre

Hey, just because we think you should apply wallpaper to your ceiling doesn’t mean we think that’s the only place where you should do so. Alexander Fehre shows that wallpaper can be used to make your favorite nook even cozier when it’s applied to walls and ceiling. This technique is best done with a relatively simple print—and it doesn’t hurt to throw an accent color into the mix.

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