set the table

When it comes to the centerpiece, think less is more. Opt for simple florals of an exclusive hue, or clusters of long-stemmed herbs to deck the table.

ROASTED TOMATOES WITH GOAT CHEESE POLENTA The perfect starter for a chilly day.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS Two seasonally fresh finds come together in a hearty hash.

MAC AND CHEESE A childhood classic with an elevated twist.

CURRIED ROASTED EGGPLANT WITH SMOKED CARDAMOM AND COCONUT MILK An understated veggie gets a much-needed upgrade in this exotic dish.

MUSHROOM PIZZA WITH FRESH HERBS Pizza with a twist. Indulge in this delicious blend topped with an extra fine drizzle of white truffle oil.

HAZELNUT CHEESECAKE TART WITH PEARS AND POMEGRANATE End the night on a sweet note, with this delectable tart.

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