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Wiping down kitchen surfaces with a damp rag and a touch of Lysol doesn’t seem to cut it now that we’re all spending more time inside. The heart of the home is also one of the most high-traffic areas, meaning there are a lot more germs floating around. One way you can boost the cleanliness in your space? Limit how much stuff you touch. 

Wesley Ward, vice president of marketing and merchandising at Hausera, says minor changes, like opting for an under-mount sink (messes fall right into the drain) and a hands-free garbage bin, can ward off bacteria. Another hygienic upgrade you can install: a touch-free faucet. Washing your hands via a voice- or motion-activated device will make for a more sterile space—and that’s not all. These types of fixtures boast tons of other qualities beyond not having to lift a finger to use them:

If You Need a Cooking Cheat Sheet

VoiceIQ Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology, Delta ($780)

“Alexa, pour two cups of water” is all it takes to turn this one on. Simply pair it with your smart home speaker (it can link up with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) and ask it to dispense just about any measurement. 

If You Want to Blend In

U By Moen Smart Faucet, Moen ($830)

No one will suspect this brushed-gold version of being high-tech. Little do they know, it makes your everyday tasks (think: filling a coffee pot or dog bowl) easier by giving you the option to set custom container commands. 

If You’re Eco-Conscious

Kitchen faucet with voice-activated technology, KOHLER ($560)

Is your utility bill higher than normal? In addition to voice activation, this one automatically monitors your household’s water usage, which you can check on the Kohler Konnect app. 

If Your Budget Has Tapped Out

American Standard Beale Kitchen Faucet with Selectronic Hands-Free Technology, Build.com ($330)

Save your money for where it counts (countertops, cabinetry) and stick with this pick. It covers the bases with essential wave sensors that take the stress out of food prep and, of course, cleaning. 

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