For the foyer whose entirety is limited to a tight corner, consider a simple seat paired with a colorful set of hooks directly above.

Photography by michael wiltbank

Invest in a durable storage solution that’s versatile enough for a small space, yet organizationally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Photography by ELLE.SE Courtesy of Netflix

A sleek sconce or lone hanging bulb is a much preferred alternative to the bulky table lamp.

Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE photo by condominio monti

Set the entry apart from the rest of the home with a daring wallpaper that designates the (limited) boundaries of the space.

Photography by TESSA NEUSTADT

A compact shelving unit with a set of sliding bins makes for a simple and effective storage solution.


Opt for shelving above the door to help keep the floors as clutter-free as possible.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge photography by Kate Esslemont

For the entry tight on decorative square footage, opt for an intricate tile design to lead the way instead.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank Photography by TARGET

A floating shelf set high up on the wall, holds a handful of rarely used essentials and decorative accents.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge Photo by IKEA

No space is too small for a little TLC. We’re looking to the stunning shades and exotic textures of this colorful entry for inspiration.

Photography by MYLIVING.SE

When it comes to whitewashed spaces, stick to an exclusive palette for the entry decor.


A simply stylish floating shelf makes for a handy catch-all, and a mini surface for display.

Photography by Studio McGee

Carve out a cozy “getting ready” nook directly adjacent to the door. Place a basket underneath the seat for shoes and accessories, and install a set of hooks above for coats.

Photography by JELANIESHOP

A bright pop of color always lends a pleasant touch, even to the tiniest spaces.

Photography by STADSHEM.SE

A side table paired with a wall-mounted mirror and sconce makes for an effortlessly stylish (and practical!) entry.

Photography by THEVAULTFILES.COM Photography by Mei Tao

Create a fierce contrast within the limited elements of the space – think a daring wallpaper, vibrant greens, and sleek accents – to draw the eye away from the compact layout.

Photography by HOUZZ

Skip the often bulky entry runner in lieu of a vibrantly patterned floor tile.

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