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Shea McGee already has fall on the brain. The Studio McGee founder’s just-released collection for Target’s Threshold line zeroes in on antiqued finishes, nature-inspired artwork, curved furniture, and woven textiles that achieve that covetable cozy vibe we all crave come autumn. But that’s not the real star of the 200-plus assortment: We can’t stop thinking about the lighting. 

This latest drop had us reminiscing about when Leanne Ford teamed up with the retailer to design pendant lights, lamps, and chandeliers that only looked way more expensive than they really were. This time with Studio McGee, there’s a clear farmhouse-inspired spin to the pieces. 



Some of our favorites in the mix? A crisp white metal dome, a brass ceiling pendant that hangs from a chunky chain, and a two-arm shaded chandelier that’s—wait for it—only $150. It’s not just the hardwired picks we love either. There’s also a jet-black wall sconce ($70) that is renter-friendly (it plugs right into an outlet) and a dual-head desk lamp that would make working from home late at night (a little) less sad. 

If you want your lighting to appear really luxe, you have to hang the pieces as the designer would. For two pendants over a kitchen island, McGee recommends mounting them at least 30 inches away from the center of the countertop. When it comes to the distance above a dining table, she suggests in her all-encompassing guide to situate them at least 6 inches from the edge of the table on each side, and 34 inches from the tabletop to the bottom of the fixture for an 8-foot ceiling. Your dinner guests never have to know the truth. 

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